Today is my wonderful husband’s birthday! And we are meeting him inMorgantownto eat at his favorite restaurant – Hibachi’s !

I, by nature and upbringing, am not a “celebration” kind of person.  I remember on our birthdays my mom always made a Texas Sheet Cake – truly made with love – and can still see her and smell the cake.  Don’t recall any parties (and I turned out okay I think).  I use to make Mary this cake for her school birthday party (which have since been banned with the wellness policy – a whole other topic!) and for many kids it was the first time tasting a homemade cake (not from a box with canned icing or bought from a store).  Anyway, that was the celebration.

Mary’s birthdays have always been a bigger deal – a family party at Nanny and Poppa’s with homemade pizza and cake.  This year is different for her – she will be 13 and I really need to begin to PREPARE for the celebration (trying to avoid procrastination remember so I need to start soon versus waiting till March).  And, its not like I can forget because she is COUNTING down (oh, to be young and count down to your birthday).

Sam’s birthday are a little smaller scale as you can’t really make a party around French fries, oranges, dry cereal (LOL)…. He doesn’t eat cake and isn’t a big fan of strangers, flames on a candle, etc…  He does celebrate his gifts (:     This year he has declared (much to my surprise and pure happiness that he “gets” what a birthday is) – he is having a Angry Bird Cake (although he won’t eat it) and wants to go to Chucky Cheese (he won’t eat the pizza but wants to play the games).

I turned 40 almost 2 years ago, and I worked and it was just another day… Last year for my birthday we were at the beach – it was then I finally got it… Birthdays are important –  it is YOUR DAY and your parents welcomed you into the world this day and God gave you another birthday and you should celebrate!!!  I declared at that point that in our family I would take off the day and/or weekend and we should do something that person LOVES (even if the rest of us don’t).  I have always been the “dedicated” employee and didn’t take days off and would just squeeze the birthday celebration in… That is NOT CELEBRATING the person – it shows them that work is more important than their day!

We should CELEBRATE — we may not have another year, month, week, day… We had a miscarriage early in our marriage and we never got to celebrate with that child.  Little Caleb died before we ever got to celebrate his first birthday… I will never get to celebrate another birthday on earth with my Mom and Grandma Frazee…  What if Jim was injuried or killed as he responded to the structure fire last night (which is always a possibility and I say a prayer of protection over all of the firefighters and the family impacted)..  and the list goes on…

In an effort to PREPARE (and not procrastinate), I have my time off requests ready to go to work for the year… I took today off for Jim’s and we will enjoy a delicious meal and laughter (this is also an example of how we don’t have to like the other person’s choice – Sam does NOT eat food at a Japanese Steakhouse, hates the noise of the clanging spatulas, and use to hate the big flames – but I will PREPARE and take food for him, earplugs for my phone and Kindle and he will be fine)…

 Mary’s birthday in March is evolving… and Sam has made his declaration for Chucky Cheese (although that may change by then – LOL – I suspect he will request somewhere with a pool)… But I can assure you, if the Lord allows, we will be sitting on the beach for my birthday (the one place we all love)!!!

So CELEBRATE the moment, the day, the week, the year… but PREPARE for the big events – it can make a difference in the lives of the ones you love!!!

**of note, I am keeping a list of things that I need to remember for next year (i.e. German Chocolate Cake Mix with Pecan/Coconut Icing — Jim’s requested cake and of course I am out – LOL — guess we will buy and bake this evening).


9 thoughts on “PREPARE to CELEBRATE

  1. Kim Coddington January 23, 2012 at 5:21 pm Reply

    Very nice Sheri! I enjoy reading your stories very much. Watching my Dad battle Lung Cancer is teaching me more and more how important the celebrations are as they do not last forever. I never really thought about not being able to celebrate small or large achievements with my Dad and right now that is all I am thinking about. Yes enjoy everyday with your family as the time spent together is the true gift!

    • sherisoulsearch January 23, 2012 at 6:37 pm Reply

      Kim – as a cancer nurse I have always said Cancer is that wake up call.. that license to live.. to celebrate every moment!!! But, we never know if we will have that chance… I am really focusing on making 2012 the best ever!!! Take care and enjoy your dad!!!

  2. Kristin January 23, 2012 at 5:44 pm Reply

    Sounds like a great plan! Don doesn’t usually get why I have a need to celebrate my birthday, but I learned a long time ago that you never know when it might be your last.

    As for Mary, I need to take her shopping for her birthday and we would love to “steal” her for a long weekend sometime.

    Good luck with Sam tonight. 🙂

    Happy Birthday to Jim!

    • sherisoulsearch January 23, 2012 at 6:39 pm Reply

      Kristin – you can borrow Mary.. I will have to see when she has a long weekend or maybe she can just create a long weekend and take an extra day off of school (=

  3. Julie Umbel January 23, 2012 at 6:21 pm Reply

    I love this blog Sheri!! I am not always as prepared for birthdays as I should be, especially Ernie’s!! It always just seems to slip up on me and I’m always in a panic at the last minute! Being prepared is important! I do pretty well at that but could improve a lot on certain things also…. by the way, German Chocolate cake with coconut icing is also a yearly birthday request from Daniel!! I love this Word Project that you participate in. Where can I get more info about it??

    • sherisoulsearch January 23, 2012 at 6:51 pm Reply

      Thanks Julie… I love to write and have neglected it for too long…
      About the Word Project – I heard about it last year on KLOVE and it really struck a cord with me… I always make the same resolutions and I am still overweight and under exercised -lol… The website is Basically you choose a word and you use it to base your decisions for the year! I also like to find a song that goes with my word so if I need a reminder I can listen to it on my phone/MP3 player and a scripture verse that I memorize and also keep in my calendar, in my car, etc… Last year it made a huge difference in my life as I made some moves for our family to get back into church after 7 years of weekends, renewed some relationships that I had neglected (the beauty of facebook), etc… I have made a list of areas that I want to use my word PREPARE but now realize it can be a daily life change — every day you have a chance for your word to be used and that is why I started the blog. Renee Schaefer also does this and chose BALANCE (last year discipline) . Let me know if you choose a word… we try to check on each other periodically just to see how the word is coming along… Thanks for your feedback!!!

  4. Brenda Mitchell January 23, 2012 at 6:41 pm Reply

    Enjoyed reading your blog, Sheri. I have always made a “BIG” deal out of Bethany’s birthdays. But never, Hank or I. Has always been another day….changes my point of view, for sure!

    • sherisoulsearch January 23, 2012 at 8:10 pm Reply

      I think how we act as adults set more of a role model to our children on how to be as an adult… when we don’t celebrate (which I haven’t for years) as adults they learn that the fun is over when you are adults… instead, we should model that although things change and responsibilities increase WE have to take time for us… WE are still important… In fact, the older you get the bigger the celebration I think — because you made it another year – LOL! Do something YOU love!!! (p.s. if it wasn’t for you and Hank – Bethany wouldn’t be here (: )

  5. Renee January 29, 2012 at 9:56 pm Reply

    🙂 it’s so much more fun to celebrate ‘life’ instead of a ‘number’!

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