Often in life I complain (usually to myself) about everything I have to do – always feel like there are toys to be picked up, dirty dishes, full baskets of laundry to wash/put away, work to do, lunches to pack…. Does this sound familiar?  I want to start looking at life with a different set of “glasses”.. I need a change of heart… I need to PREPARE for THANKFULNESS.  

I just finished a book by Ann Voskamp, One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are Ann wrote this book after starting writing a daily list of things she was thankful for until she reached 1,000.  It seemed to change her life… At times in her book she got a little “heavy” for me and when she could be thankful when her children fought, I decided I have a long way to go before I get to that point (LOL)…  She has a website if you would like to check her out (

I realized, for me, thankfulness does not come naturally – complaining does! I have to LEARN to look for blessings until it becomes natural.  This is a flaw of humans from the beginning of time – think about it – if Adam and Eve would have sat in the Garden of Eden and looked around and had been THANKFUL ENOUGH for what God gave them Eve wouldn’t have needed the apple…

I am no different, I have a house – but want a bigger one.  I have food in the fridge but it’s not what I am hungry for (just like Eve with a garden full of everything but wanting the apple).  I have a car but it is used.  I have a great job, but want more money… Does it ever end???   

I read this blog two days ago – between finishing the book and reading this – I have so much to be THANKFUL for…  the material things may only last for the moment, but I am THANKFUL that I have that moment…  (WARNING grab your tissues – remember this blog is by a woman with children 4 and 6!!!);

So, I am starting my journey of my THANKFUL list…  A couple years ago I wrote a list of 100 things in a short period of time (!/note.php?note_id=462054111532) .  But in 2012 I am sure that I can do 1,000 – that is less than 3 blessings a day for a year – God gives daily blessings… I just have to PREPARE to look for things to be thankful…

So to start  I am THANKFUL for things I have grumbled about in the last few days…

  1. all the toys across the floor – means Samuel is at play
  2. music blaring in the car – means Mary is with me
  3. full sink of dishes – means I have food to eat
  4. dirty clothes that I have to wash – means I have clothes to wear
  5. snoring husband – means he is home in my bed (and not out at a fire)
  6. wood to carry in – means I have a source of heat
  7. floor to vacuum – means a roof over my head
  8. bills to pay – means I have life luxuries and a job to pay them
  9. alarm clock going off – means I am alive another day
  10. dirty muffin tins – means I finally got Jim’s cake made (a day late but done)
  11. meeting at work time changed – means I have a job to go to
  12. gray hair – means I am not battling cancer with chemo and have hair
  13. dirty bathroom – means I have a shower and not an outhouse
  14. running to get kids – means I have children and a car to get them
  15. cancelled appointments – means I had time with a friend

 Dear Lord, please PREPARE my eyes to see the blessings around me, my heart to welcome the blessings, and my mouth to praise you for the blessings.  PREPARE me to be content with what you provide and not yearning for the APPLE.


7 thoughts on “PREPARE for THANKFULNESS

  1. Renee Schaefer January 26, 2012 at 3:22 am Reply

    this writing brings a tear to my eye, friend! I am so thankful for you—your writings bring joy to my heart & soul! I can’t wait to see you…so very soon 🙂

  2. Renee Schaefer January 26, 2012 at 3:25 am Reply

    makes me thankful for my ‘little things’ – maybe not exactly how I want to see them, but thankful none the less. so ‘thankful’ for the reminder! keep up the good writings!

  3. Sherri January 26, 2012 at 2:19 pm Reply

    Love, love, LOVE this Sheri! I am blessed to have you as a friend and thankful that you are letting me “peek” into your heart and soul!

  4. Julie Umbel January 26, 2012 at 3:43 pm Reply

    Ditto Renee’s remarks!! Sniff, sniff!!

  5. sherisoulsearch January 27, 2012 at 4:21 am Reply

    thanks everyone…

  6. Donna Milne January 28, 2012 at 5:11 am Reply

    Nat told me about your blog and I decided to check it out. Funny thing, I’ve read this book twice, gave it to my dad to read and had to go out and get myself a new copy b/c this is one I want to always be reading. I believe it can be life-changing and so for Christmas, asked for a thankfulness journal to start my own list of 1000 gifts. I wish everyone could read this book!
    How are you and Jim and the kids? I can’t believe how big they are – it’s been a long time. Enjoyed your blog!
    Donna Milne

    • sherisoulsearch January 28, 2012 at 10:37 am Reply

      Glad Nan shared my blog… That book definately made me look at things differently!!! Jim and the kids are great… Jim is still at Alpha (going on 20 years) and is a volunteer firefighter too… Mary will soon be 13 (in March) but is already almost 5 foot 7 in and very mature. Samuel is 8 and is the laughter of our family. We recently received his official Autism /Asperger diagnosis. I am working at Ruby full-time and MonGen perdiem as a Nurse Case Manager. There are some other books that I have read that I will be sharing in my blogs that also made a huge difference… My next set of reading will need to be about home schooling options – Mary is bored and Samuel can’t keep up… How are you and Rob and the family? We should get together either the family with your family but definately a girls lunch with Nan!!!

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