“It is more blessed to give than to receive. [Acts 20:35]  “

I LOVE to give!  If you want the shirt off my back, just tell me… You need me to give you some time – happy to do so if humanly possible… You need someone to listen, I will give you my ears. I LOVE to give little surprises to let friends/loved ones know they are being thought of.   I LOVE when someone calls me and needs something and I have it (and if I don’t have it I will often make a note to buy it or just order from Amazon that very moment – LOL).  I think most people who know me know that I don’t give with the expectation of anything in return.  I also don’t give with the intention that I will feel  blessed but to make the other person feel blessed!  However, now that I think about it, I do feel blessed when I know it brought a smile to their face. 

Exceptions to the rule of giving leads to blessing (in my opinion):   1. not everyone wants the gift – often because they feel the need to reciprocate.  It is important to honor that (most of the time) because the gift will not be a blessing but a burden.    To them NO GIFT is a gift (:              2. giving out of  obligation or to “show-off” – and I truly believe that because the motive does not come from the heart, they won’t be blessed in the heart (just my opinion because scripture says (…But the LORD looks on the heart – Samuel 16:7)

MY WEAKNESS is in the RECEIVING.  If you give me a compliment, I often will have to minimize the compliment (for instance if you said I love your shoes I would have to say I got them for $5 at Target – instead of just Thank You!).   If you buy me a lunch or a gift, etc… I want to reciprocate with a lunch or a gift.    I have a HUGE project ahead of me and I have some incredible family members and friends who have offered me assistance, but I just can’t bring myself to receive the offer for help (my pride, fears, independence, and stubbornness gets in the way of receiving their help). 

Today I realized —  then I am stealing / lessening the opportunity for THEM TO GIVE and therefore feel blessed!    I am ROBBING them of their blessing!  This past week my sister-in-law brought me tea, soup, and grilled cheese when I was sick… I was blessed by the thoughtfulness and I believe she was blessed because she was able to give to me.  But, still part of me really thought you didn’t have to do that – and I was right she didn’t have to BUT she wanted to!!! Why is it so hard for me just to accept a gift of thoughtfulness?  Sometime I feel like I am not worthy of it, sometimes I don’t want people going out of their way for me, sometimes I don’t feel I can give back to them… excuses, excuses, excuses!!!

 I think I need to teach my heart and head to PREPARE to RECEIVE.    Giving and receiving is a WIN-WIN when done out of love (if you give you are blessed and if you receive you are blessing the giver).  WOW!!!   

Lord, help me to remember, if someone says a prayer for me, gives me a compliment, gives me their time, or sends a card/gift – just to RECEIVE with my heart!  Keep my mouth from saying anything beyond thank you.  Keep my head from making a mental note to give something back in return.   May I be able to bless the giver by simply RECEIVING the gift with no strings attached – just as they intended it to be!!!  Help me not to rob the giver of the blessing they richly deserve!!!

P.s. help me to come to terms that I too need help – remove my pride, my fears, my independence so one day soon I can say – YES, please help – I am sure it would bless me and the giver!!!

3 thoughts on “PREPARE to RECEIVE

  1. Brenda Mitchell January 27, 2012 at 4:31 am Reply

    Enjoyed this, Sheri!! You are SO thoughtful! You are the kind of friend that I may not see often but wouldn’t think twice about calling you if I needed you! You are that kind of friend! Thank You!

  2. Beverly Knight January 27, 2012 at 4:38 am Reply

    I wish you knew how big of a blessing you really are to so many people! I call or text you all the time cause I know you can help me or you have the answer to my problem or the shirt off your back that you gave me… You inspire me to be a better person! I love reading your blogs and if I didn’t I would’ve never knew you were sick, But your right, You don’t like to ask for help! I can promise you one thing I will always be here for you! My prayer to God is that he shows you how awesome of a person you are ❤ You bless people all the time and you don't even know it… I hope when I grow up I can be just like you! I love you and I'm a text or phone call away 🙂

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