“A joyful heart is good medicine” – Proverbs 17:22

I think too many times we are rushing through life and take it entirely too seriously.   We recently went toFloridaand as a family we SLOWED down and lightened up.  The work computers were never pulled out, cell phones used at a minimum, and Mary forgot her cell phone at home (:  We went to Sea World and the LAUGHTER (from the belly) of our children and us was PRICELESS.  I still smile when I think back to the trip.   What opened us to laughter — we lightened up.  We didn’t worry about the rush of daily life, getting to school, drama at school, stress from work.  We savored the moment and enjoyed what really matters – FAMILY!!!

When Jim and I were dating, I will never forget watching Bill Cosby Himself movie at his house with his parents.   I still can remember the true laughter, the snorting laughter, the “I thought I was going to pee my pants” laughter….  To this day, I love to watch a great comedy (and or course a good chick-flick), especially when I am stressed out or need an escape from daily life.

Samuel is the laughter in our home (remember in March Mary will be a teenager and the drama of school brings her down – so I hold tight to the Sea World trip and the laughter on her face).   Anyway, several weeks ago, Samuel saw someone on a movie doing the “Snorting laugh” – you know the one where you laugh so hard that you snort.  So, he has been trying to teach himself that laugh.  He will laugh and then snort and then laugh because the snort tickles his nose… well the other day he finally got it.  He can now “snort laugh” – sure I should probably tell him that is not the “socially acceptable” laughter, but it makes him happy and it makes us laugh (:    After finally accomplishing this before school one morning, he continued until we dropped Mary off and then to his school.  What killed me was watching the laughter drain from his face as he went into school.  His posture change, his face changed, and the happiness was gone – man, that hurt!  School use to be fun when we were in school because you learned to PLAY with others (;

Everyday, honestly everyday, Samuel experiences a true belly laugh AT HOME! You can’t help but laugh with him.  He tells jokes that he has usually messed up from the show he saw them on, but that makes them even funnier.  You laugh because of his laugh.  If I could bottle two things to bottle up and give out it would be his energy and his laughter — the world could use prescriptions for both.  Often because of his Asperger’s sometimes his literal interpretation of life is priceless and I try to share those on facebook to share the laughter…                                

How many times as adults are we singing in the car and walk into work defeated?  Or worse, bring that same work defeated feeling to our home.  I think it is time to lighten up.   Maybe we should put a box at the door entrance of the house to deposit all the crap for the day and pick out a smile for your face and then walk into the house. 

I have to be honest (even though I am guilty at times when it comes to the kids) but when I see people posting day after day post of sadness, worry, anger, etc… or the constant negative posts, I truly say a prayer.  I hate to see people wasting days away because you have allowed someone/something to steal the smile, the laughter, the happiness…  Stop and find something that brings you laughter to get you out of the pit you are in… LAUGHTER is good medicine!!!    And if you have nothing to laugh about, let me know – I will take you to lunch (my treat) and bring Sam with me (:

In my calendar I have a few cartoons that just make me smile when I see them and I have a picture of my children with a real laugh on their face.  As a nurse of 20 years I have seen people lighten up when they had every reason to cry…  Lighten up – watch a funny movie instead of an intense Reality Show or the news (:  Find a joke and tell for the day (todays jokes by Sam (from Rugrats)– How do you feel more pigs at the barn… Build a STYscraper….   What is hairy and horse?  A Coconut with a cold)…  Stupid jokes but you still have to laugh!!  

“A day without laughter is a day wasted.” – Charlie Chaplin


One thought on “PREPARE to LIGHTEN UP!

  1. Renee January 29, 2012 at 9:19 pm Reply

    Don’t know how you find time to write so often–but I truly enjoy reading them. I have to read your previous writing because I wasn’t on for a day or two. But I love the stories about Samuel — keep them coming:)

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