Homesick definition – acutely longing for one’s family or home…

Many of you read my post yesterday about Samuel… going to school and turning around in tears and telling me “I am homesick and homesick for you Mommy.”  They are words to melt a mother’s heart in a good and bad way.  I am sad that I couldn’t just scoop him up and bring him home for the day, but happy that he loves me that much.   I also have learned that Samuel really relies on ME picking him up at the end of the day – I now realize to him seeing me is “home”.    It also makes me think why is he homesick – is it because he truly misses me, his home, his toys?  Or is it also because he feels left out, feels overwhelmed, feels scared, etc.?  Things I may never know….

It’s not unusual for us to go on vacation and about 4 days into it, we are all missing home – especially Samuel.  Samuel is only good for that many days because I am with him – otherwise, overnight at Nanny and Poppas is the extent of being gone from home.  Much of the homesickness then is because we can’t take our dog, every toy, and all his videos with us.  He has to select the things he thinks he will want… but then misses the ones he doesn’t have.  Isn’t that true for adults, sometimes we don’t realize how much we love someone or something until it is not able to be with us – we get homesick.

Jim and I have a little different taste in music, but one of the groups I just heard him listentening to that I really like is 3 Doors Down.  The song is Your Arms Feel Like Home (  Another song I heard recently was  Feels Like Home by Chantal Kreviazuk  (  I love these songs… and it is so true – sometimes home is not always your physical structure, but where ever your loved one is – in their arms!  I feel that way with Jim and our kids… no matter where we go, or what we have, HOME is wherever they are!!!!  It is true HOME IS WHERE YOUR HEART IS!!! 

 But when I think about homesick like this — you could become homesick anytime the STRUCTURE of “home” is destroyed.  When a relationship is broken, when distance separates (if you don’t keep in touch), when death separates…  I know many who are homesick for their loved ones who have gone on to Heaven before them.   And they have comfort in knowing that a home is being prepared for them (John 14:2).  Life on earth cannot compare with HEAVEN and being with the ones you love!  We know our loved ones are in a better place and safe, but it still makes our hearts homesick – Mercy Me wrote an incredible song about this feeling (

I also have probably been homesick more than I realized looking at the definition – but never thought of defining as Samuel did.  When I go to work and miss snuggling with the kids at night, then I am homesick.    When Jim goes away for work or class, etc., then I am homesick for him (granted at first I am thinking YEAH I don’t have to share the bed, but when I crawl in alone my perception changes – for almost 20 years he is usually there).   When I think of my Mom and Grandma in Heaven, then I am homesick for them to be here with me. 

Thinking of this definition, I can also think of many special and amazing people in my life that their “HOME” was broken… Are they HOMESICK for what could / should have been?  Abuse and neglect can tear apart a “home”, cheating and lies can tear apart a “home”, unfulfilled promises can tear apart a home – then are you “homesick” for what is gone or never was?  I think so!  Unfortunately, I can’t erase their past, but I can become a “HOME” to them – help them build a new “HOME” – a safe place to find love and friendship and to be heard and understood.  I found this quote and love it – “Home is not where you live, but where they understand you” – Christian Morganstern. 

Our lives are pretty crazy and my house shows that over the years.  I have gotten behind on many projects, have unfinished construction, have too much stuff and not enough space, and the list goes on… but one thing I think we can all say is there is no place like home!   It is more than the structure though – it is the hearts that exist within that creates the home.  It is priceless to know that your children feel safe and loved at home. 

They say HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS…. I am glad Sam’s heart is with me (:

** “I long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself.”  – Maya Angelou


4 thoughts on “PREPARE to be HOMESICK

  1. Bev. Knight February 8, 2012 at 2:33 pm Reply

    I agree with you, for me coming home to Pa was Home cause being the service I traveled and I could not wait to come home and put my feet in the grass, also I love going to my kids houses but there is no place like home… my home is my security blanket! Just like you are Sam’s security blanket… we know were safe… I love reading your blog, you help put a lot of my life in prospective … thank you 🙂

  2. chuck bean February 8, 2012 at 3:17 pm Reply

    beautiful … LauraB

  3. Julie Umbel February 8, 2012 at 4:28 pm Reply

    I’ve always felt like the most important thing for children was a good home. A place where they feel safe; where they could feel loved, able to express their opinions, and feelings, where they felt creative and could be goofy if they felt like it!! Amy had a favorite blanket when she was very small. It went everywhere with her for many years. It represented home and meant the world to her. It gave her the ability to deal with the world and survive. Her “blankie” has been around the world and most recently accompanied her on her trip to Seattle this past summer. It was one of the things that was stolen from her after she got there as well as a lot of other things, but I bet it is the item that is missed most! There were loads of memories represented in that blanket after 27 years!! Homesickness is the worst feeling but a “blankie” can fill your heart with home!

    • sherisoulsearch February 9, 2012 at 2:00 am Reply

      Julie… you made me cry… I wish there was a way to re-create the blanket for her. I also can’t believe she is 27 and has traveled so much – I seem to be stuck in my hometown — but that is where I have always felt I belong.

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