On Monday night, Jim was at another commercial structure fire and I was working and then couldn’t sleep until I knew he was home.  I popped in one of my favorite movies – FIREPROOF!  However, it was not likely the best choice because it showed the dangers of being a firefighter every day you leave the home… but I love the story line… 

I have seen it many times before but never realized a few of the lines in the movie — the ones that really stood out are

1. “Never ever leave your partner – especially in a fire.”

     I am sure my husband can tell you about the firefighting business and how true this is. But as a wife and mom and friend – this is a message for every area of life.  It is easy to love most people when everyone is getting along and life is good.  But when the “fire” (financial issues, unfaithfulness, disagreements, fighting, etc) comes along, that determines the true test of a marriage.  I think this is true for friendships too.  It is easy to be friends as long as things are going your way, but when the fire comes along, it when you know who your real friends are (but this works both ways – I know who my friends are when they stick through the fire with me, but do I put on my fire gear  and go into the fire for THEM?

2. “You can’t just follow your heart.  Your heart can be deceived.  You have to lead your heart.”

     I have been in situations where my heart will make me “feel” like I am making the right decision.  Or sometimes I will justify / rationalize out why following my heart is the best option.  But my heart is only one piece of the human body – sometimes the heart needs to be lead by the brain — to make the BEST decision, not just the decision that “Feels Good”.  Mary got her first “real” Valentine with a card, necklace, and chocolate (no I am not ready for this).  But as I watched her happiness, I was excited for her (and nervous). But then she followed it with describing how is a good person, strong beliefs, and does the right things, etc… That made me feel better – it wasn’t just a heart reaction to the gift, but thinking about the type of person he is.  I think we could all do this more – not just following the “Just Do It” thinking because it feels good and I deserve it, BUT more let me think this through…

3.  “Fireproof doesn’t mean that a fire will never come, but that when it comes, you’ll be able to withstand it.”

     I am sure as people watched the structures burn over the last few days thinking “I can’t believe it happened”.  Isn’t that true with life, we think the worse case scenario will never happen to us.  We think we are exempt to our spouse lying or cheating, exempt to our child doing drugs, alcohol, or sex, exempt to our friends betraying us with gossip, etc…  We are NOT exempt to the “fire”, but we have to decide was the “Structure” (marriage, friendship, etc.) worth saving and / or rebuilding.   Nemacolin has said they will rebuild the Ski Resort area, and I am sure that it will be bigger and better!  Same is true in life – if a relationship is “burnt” – you can choose to rebuild it into something bigger and better OR leave it in a pile of ashes and walk away…  Be sure that you fireproof what relationships you can – invest the time, the energy, the love… so when / if a fire happens you can look back at the memories and the love and know it’s time to rebuild.

I have never read the “Love Dare” book, but find it somewhat amusing that it is a “DARE”.  Remember growing up when someone dared you to do something, you just had to do it… even worse the “double dog dare you” (lol).  But the book is a 40-day challenge for husband/wives to understand and practice unconditional love… hearing some of the dares on the days in the movie, I think many could apply to others you love as well.

I think any relationship is worth the 40-days the journey has you go on… I think I will add to my kindle library (after I finish two other books – will be blogging on them soon)…

So my challenge..  how can I better fireproof my relationships?  It is NOT in pointing the finger at the other person saying what they need to change… It is a DARE to me – a DARE to PREPARE to be FIREPROOF!!!

Above all things have intense and unfailing love for one another, for love covers a multitude of sins [forgives and disregards the offenses of others]. 1 Peter 4: 8



One thought on “PREPARE to be FIREPROOF

  1. Julie Umbel February 15, 2012 at 4:37 pm Reply

    This principle would help to reduce the divorces in this world if people were to just THINK MORE about relationships and not just do things on a whim!!

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