Lessons from a Hallmark Store…

Have you ever gone window shopping and seen something that you can’t get out of your mind? Well, that recently happened to me.  Over a month ago I went into a Hallmark store.  One store I generally do not visit only because I am horrible at sending cards ): and I really don’t need any of the beautiful nick-nacks.  Well, I saw this mug and really liked it but I wouldn’t spend the $14.95.  In my mind, the mug wasn’t worth that – it was just a simple mug with a saying that jumped out at me… a saying that I wanted to apply to my daily life.  But, I walked away from the mug… but didn’t stop thinking about it.  I visited the Hallmark store after that… still admiring the mug and still not wanting to spend the money.

Well, last week, I stopped at a Hallmark store and they didn’t have the mug to admire.  I was heart broken.  Life is often a series of window shopping events.  I go through life

  • Looking at things we want and things we want to accomplish, but I keep just looking instead of moving forward. 
  • Feeling like there will be something better ahead of me to “purchase” / obtain – always on pursuit for the bigger / better when the small blessing is all I need. 
  • Believing that I am not worth the small price to pay to obtain what I see – it may be work to earn it or  money to purchase it.
  • Distracted by what I see in the “window” but never slowing down to figure out how to obtain it.
  • Speeding through life and not enjoying the beauty that is around me – the small things that bring a smile to my face.
  • Admiring something / someone but not recognizing its worth to me until it is gone.

I think about all the projects I wish to accomplish, the things I want for my life and my family’s lives, and the big and small things that could make our life more meaningful.  Instead of figuring out ways to make them happen, I just keep “window shopping”.  But I need to learn to stop and pay “the price” and not just “window shop” through life. 

“…there is nothing better than that a man should rejoice in his work, for that is his lot..” —Ecclesiastes 3:22  


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