prepare for an ADVENTURE!

 What an amazing day yesterday was… the whole day as a family ( =  

Church (even got there early for Jim’s Deacon meeting, took refreshments, lost an hour sleep, and survived despite getting home after 7am because of work).   Then lunch at Curt’s – the family decided this way I didn’t have to cook since “functioning” on about 1.5 hour nap.

BEAUTIFUL DAY for a walk we decide.  At first I suggested me getting a nap in, but realized it was probably better to keep moving forward because when I crashed it would be hard.  So, we head to Ohiopyle.  I thought we would walk the bike trails – nice flat surface with little slope for a person walking with my grace and lack of sleep… And though I mentioned it to Mary, we were walking with Jim – PREPARE for an ADVENTURE!!!  Let’s just say, we started onto the bike trail and then the adventure began…

Took a path down into the woods to the beautiful river… Samuel collected his nice selection of sticks to put in the river to watch them float away… Mary just savored being with the family… Back up the big hill to cross the high bridge for Sam to discard of his sticks… And then a train goes by – Sam is in his glory, despite having to lay down a few sticks to hold his ears from the whistle.  Continue on the bike trail and Jim sees another trail and of course we take it.  It takes above the river and all the way toCucumberFalls.  It was beautiful, amazing, and perfect.  Several small streams for Mary and Sam to stop to enjoy watching small leaves, stones, and sticks as they are carried away.  AtCucumberFalls, Jim and Sam decided to go down another small path.  Samuel is quite the adventurer when it comes to water, rocks, and sticks – it makes me a little uncomfortable but puts him right into Jim’s adventurer spirit…  Well, we decided to take another trail down along the river – it was quite a trail with mud and slick rocks and brings us to the river’s edge.  Let’s just say it was an adventure and we came out in a different location than we calculated.  But we did it as a FAMILY, without any meltdowns or complaining from anyone, and walked about 5 miles! 

SOUNDS: The sounds of the river below, the birds in the trees, the streams going down the hills, the crackling of the sticks and leaves as we walk on them, the multiple trains we heard… the conversation amongst the family, and the best sound – the laughter!!!

SIGHTS: The beautiful waterfalls, the rushing current, the buds coming on the trees, God’s handiwork, trains (one at the beginning and one at the end)…. Jim and Samuel walking holding hands, the smile on Mary’s face, the grin on Jim’s – the happiness!!!

How many times in life do I miss out on the adventure because I like to play it “safe”?  I normally would have placed sleep before the adventure.  I would have stayed on the main trail, following everyone else, because that is “how it is done”.  I would have doubted my children’s ability to handle the adventure! I was expecting meltdowns and Jim having to carry Sam out of the woods (and Mary and I wanting to be carried).  How many times do I travel the “more traveled” route assuming it is the best when in reality the “less traveled” route is the best route?!?  For instance, had we stayed on the main path we would have been dealing with moving out of the way for bikers and the adventure would have been much different!  In hindsight, the more traveled would have been less “safe” for Sam especially with all the bikes and increased people traffic.  My nagging would have increased because I would always be moving Mary and Sam out of the way of bikes.  In addition, it would have been more “busy” with people and would have hurried them along more because of the other people and not wanting to slow others around us. 

Definitely a day of adventure that I want to repeat over and over as a family! A day of reflection and memories….  Taking the roads less traveled… made all the difference!!!

“I took the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” – Robert Frost


One thought on “prepare for an ADVENTURE!

  1. Kristin March 12, 2012 at 12:07 pm Reply

    Sounds fabulous!!! Now I am doubly glad we didn’t have Mary this weekend. She would’ve missed out on family fun and the ballet was for “mature” audiences only. We will have to borrow her soon!

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