Prepare for PASSION!

Lately I have been on a little retail therapy phase – buying little things that bring me happiness.  I mentioned some things earlier in a Blog about being prepared to remember.  So I am going to do a few blogs about my purchases.  A few purchases that just speak so much of where I am in life and more importantly, at times where I want to be in life.

Let’s say I have discovered the Hallmark store and may never be the same (=  So I was in the store with a friend because it is generally not one I go into and saw a mug that I fell in love with.  Of course, I had to look at the price and say $14.95 for a ceramic mug and I put it back down.  Justifying that I had plenty of other mugs – some of my favorite are big mugs purchased for about $1.50 at Walgreens in bright colors.  So, I left the store, without the mug…

Weeks went by and I thought about that mug almost every morning when I had tea.  I would go out of my way to visit the mug and re-contemplate it’s purchase.  Still not convinced I should spend that much on a mug… Was I saying to myself, I wasn’t worth the $14.95?  Or saying I had enough mugs?   But, every time walking away from the mug.  One time I visited a different Hallmark store and they didn’t even carry the brand… And I was crushed and worried that I had missed my opportunity as I assumed every Hallmark store carried the same products.  Let’s just say, I probably spent more in gas “visiting” the mug than making the purchase.  I finally bought the mug and it has brought a smile to my face EVERY DAY for the past three weeks, approximately.  So what is so special about the mug…. it is what it says. LIVE TODAY WITH PASSION!

I am finding I need to surround myself with positive affirmations.  For instance, I read in Good Housekeeping over a year ago that your computer password should be something positive so everytime you type it, it places a positive thought in your mind – for instance hope4ever, open2pray, etc… Well, this mug is definitely that for me – I read “LIVE TODAY WITH PASSION!” every time I drink from it.  A constant reminder of how I want to live…

LIVE – this does not mean just existing.  That is what I feel like many days.  I feel like all I do is get up, kids ready, to school, to work, to home, etc… Well, that’s not living unless we put our hearts into it.  As a cancer nurse I have seen many survivors and they just survive – and I have seen others who LIVE everyday.  I want to LIVE and SAVOR every moment. I want to make conscious decisions on what would improve my life so I could LIVE more fully. 

TODAY – this is rough for me.  I always seem to drag yesterday’s problems into today.  And, let me not forget the worry I have for tomorrow.  Both rob TODAY of it’s joy.  Yesterday is gone and all you can do is apologize.  It doesn’t mean to me NOT to plan/prepare for tomorrow – but just to put things into perspective.  Take the moment to do the “TO DO” list for TODAY and make it realistic. I can think ahead but write it down and let it go, instead of dwelling on it.

PASSION –  per the dictionary it is a powerful or compelling emotion or feeling… often applied to a lively or eager interest in or admiration..  Often, I do enough to get by.  I think about PASSION and being married I remember those passionate kisses and we hated saying good-bye when we were dating.  Now, we do a quick kiss on the lips – unless of course we are out to embarrass our teenager – LOL!!! I still give my work 100% but remember the day I poured 150% into it and was driven to do more.  I remember going to church and wanting more and more and then for seven years I didn’t go any because of work – and I was okay with it…  Where is my passion for people, for living, for Christ…  I know often it is squelched with tiredness and laziness and settling for how things are instead of changing them.   Also, I let multi-tasking take over – you know you get a minute of time and you have to wash dishes, talk on the phone, listen to the kids.. so nothing gets 100% of me (that is probably a blog in itself).

I want to PREPARE for PASSION!!!  I am going through this life only one time and I should be making sure it counts.  I have heard the saying “GO BIG or GO HOME” – that’s how I want to live my life – going BIG!!!   When I kiss my husband or hug my kids or say I love you — they should KNOW IT and FEEL IT!!! It shouldn’t be a “routine”.  When I work they should know I have been there… When I go to church I should let the Spirit take control instead of holding back… The list goes on…

During the Easter Season I think about the Movie “The Passion of the Christ” in 2004.  I found my copy the other day and it is still sealed.  I have never brought myself to watch it…  maybe I will this year or procrastinate some more… But it is so fitting to be called the Passion – HE lived with passion – He forgave with passion – He loved with passion – and gave HIS Life with passion…

My mug inspires me every morning… sometimes I need that daily reminder – LIVE TODAY WITH PASSION!  It’s time for me to GO BIG!!!

Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion.”   – Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, (Philosopher)


2 thoughts on “Prepare for PASSION!

  1. Renee March 21, 2012 at 2:33 am Reply

    Great one, Sheri! Glad you bought that mug for YOU!

  2. […] with and had to go back and purchase?  Live Today with Passion – it even inspired a blog post  (  I really did love my mug.  It had a star on the inside the rim and I knew how far to pour the […]

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