prepare for a SPECIAL OCCASION

Lately it seems I am doing more reflection – stopping to “smell the flowers” , even carry a camera in my purse and pausing to take pictures of beautiful budding trees and flowers.  Despite the craziness going on around me – working too many hours, saying yes to a 13th birthday party for Mary with a sleep over, pondering some major decisions – pausing for the everyday “little” things.  Like this morning, I noticed my daughter’s braids and then it brought back memories of “dance” days.  Not that long ago I would have just been rushing because we were late and I had to get to work, etc. – and would have missed that moment, that memory, and the opportunity to say something nice to Mary before school.  

It seems also in this discovery, I pause and actually READ things.  My favorite stores for this are Hallmark and the gift shops with all the wooden signs.  I have made some purchases of those signs for my living room and for Mary’s room (future blogs).  I often just take a picture of the sign (also love all the quote magnets in Barnes & Noble) and then I have the quote without the cost (:    But when I made my MUG purchase (see previous blog about Passion) – it was wrapped and placed in a purple bag (my daughter’s favorite color) and it had a saying.  There would have been a day I would have never gone in the store, bought the mug, and likely would have read the bag – NOW, I saved the bag, it is folded up and I have full intention of getting a frame for it… the Hallmark bag said “ LIFE IS A SPECIAL OCCASION.”

Isn’t that a great daily reminder!  So often, I save using the good dishes.. wearing the nice dress.. enjoying the good bottle of wine… eating a good steak… placing flowers on my table… buying something for myself or someone I love… dancing with my husband…  for a special occasion!  Yes, there are special things that I simply can’t afford every day – like going to the beach… but I could print a picture and frame it and display in our home for the reminder.  I have to capture and notice the little everyday things… the blooming daffodils, the budding weeping willow going into my dentist letting flower buds float away with the wind, the drawings Sam brings home and stop and ask him to tell me the story, the posts by my daughter on facebook, etc…Life is made up of all these little moments, unfortunately it has taken me MANY years to get to here…

PREPARE for a SPECIAL OCCASION – every day life… because LIFE is a SPECIAL OCCASION – and just as special occasion call for a celebration – everyday on earth should be a celebration.  Keep and add things/relationships that bring happiness… Change or eliminate things/people that bring you down… My LIFE is SPECIAL OCCASION – I am in control of the guest list, the menu, the entertainment, the music, the reaction, the gifts…  Today I think I will pick some flowers, eat off my grandmother’s good plate, admire the chaos of my refrigerator door that would look cleaner without all the pictures (but not as beautiful), and eat some chocolate for breakfast (p.s. my Dove fortune is “express yourself” … for TODAY is A SPECIAL OCCASION – I am alive!!!

The happiness of life is made up of minute fractions—the little soon-forgotten charities of a kiss, a smile, a kind look, a heartfelt compliment in the disguise of a playful raillery, and the countless other infinitessimals of pleasurable thought and genial feeling.  – Samuel Taylor Coleridge


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