prepare for HOPE

So I have to tell you about yet another Hallmark Purchase!  Something I actually purchased one day when I went to “visit” my mug (see blog about Passion).  I headed to the clearance aisle and it jumped off the shelf at me, and then I read the inscription and cried!  (It is always understandable to cry in Hallmark – have you read some of those cards).  It is a Precious Moment (which I generally do not collect but my amazing sister-in-law, Kristin, does).  It is a boy with a shaggy haircut, light brown hair, wearing a red cape, and carrying a bear.  He has really big deep eyes and I thought – that is SAMUEL.  And then I saw the bear t-shirt said “HOPE” and the title of the figurine is “NEVER LET GO OF HOPE”… and I still cry reading that – NEVER LET GO OF HOPE!!!

 Today is Worldwide Autism Awareness Day – the first time it has occurred since Samuel’s official diagnosis.  Our outside lights have been changed to blue, we will wear blue for the day, and I will probably cry (some more)…   I have no idea what will lie ahead, but one thing is sure I (we) can never let go of hope!   

 In life, I have hoped for frivolous things – like hitting the MegaMillions lottery (lol), hoped for a promotion, hoped for a sunny day, etc.   I have also hoped for some not-so-frivolous things like answered prayers (of course hoped they were answered the way I wanted and found myself disappointed if not).  But what happens when I give up hope?  It is throwing in the towel… putting up the flag of surrender… and ends any reason to get of bed everyday. 

I have to HOPE for the best of futures for both of my children… I have to HOPE that when they get out of my car everyday at school that their spirits will not be crushed…. I have to HOPE that they know how much they are loved and believed in… I have to HOPE that I will know when something is wrong when they can’t express their needs … I have to HOPE.  If their mom gives up HOPE who will HOPE for them!?!?!?

What would have happened if people would have given up HOPE on some other famous people who are believe to have Asperger’s/Autism, like Sam –  Albert Einstein, Mozart, Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Charles Darwin, Galileo, Pablo Picasso, Benjamin Franklin, Margaret Mead and Aristotle (and lately some are adding Bill Gates to the list because of his lack of social skills, inability to make eye contact and tendency to rock back and forth coupled with his obsession with technology).

Everyday, I have to have HOPE when my feet hit the floor… HOPE in the promise of a new day… HOPE that God’s hand will guide me…  But hoping may not be enough.   I need to have faith that the hopes will become reality, take action on the hopes I have, and believe in the HOPES my children have.  .  I think that is the symbolism of the cape – having faith and hoping that NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE and taking the actions to ensure the beliefs and hopes and dreams become real!

The blue light is on… there is HOPE in my heart… there are promises for a great future!

This past weekend my chinese fortune cookie read “WE ALL HAVE EXTRAORDINARY CODED WITHIN US, WAITING TO BE RELEASED.”

 “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”  Romans 15:13 (NIV)


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