So, I had one of my performance reviews this week by a boss who I have only known about six months.  Let’s just say, we did NOT start off on a good step.  I think she was threatened by me, and I don’t like to be “corrected” in front of other people – especially when I am NOT wrong.    The thing I hate about performance reviews overall is that on one sheet of paper they try to summarize one year’s worth of work.  Sort of like the stupid state assessment tests for kids in school – one test means more than a year of work — but don’t even get me started on that (LOL)!

I have been at an employer that waited for the annual review to tell you what you did wrong in the year.  I am definitely the personality that wants to be told I messed up when it happened so I can correct my errors.  This particular employer said that others stated I was not meeting deadlines.  Please note, I have NEVER missed a deadline.  I may submit it the day it was due, but never missed one!  I operate on last minute pressure (although trying to change that – except with taxes that I sent at 1045pm on 4/17 because I owed money and the IRS was not going to get it any earlier than I had too – LOL!).   Anyway, instead of telling me the secretary wanted it a few days earlier when it happened – the problem existed for a year.   Performance issues at work or in life should be addressed when they happen, so they can be resolved and prevented in the future!!

On my performance reviews now, I generally have to rate my own performance and then submit it to my director and they chose their ratings of me.  I always mark myself as average because I generally see working above and beyond as what should be done.  But, when my director rates my performance, I secretly love to see “excel”, “above average”, etc.    It does my heart (and pride) good.  Secretly I probably compare myself to others and think if “THEY got average (and I now how hard they DON’T work) then I should get more”.  Keep in mind that this week’s performance review does have a salary incentive, but my other one does not.  For me, I would love to see all jobs raises based on performance.  I get frustrated knowing I work so hard and others who just enough to get by gets the same raise.   Anyway, that is probably a whole different issue….

My performance review – by the person I have known for 6 months and probably only really talked to twice – once to totally disagree with her opinion! So, she gave me all “met expectations” and no “exceeded expectations”.  I have to then sit back and consider the source because on the same review last year by a different boss I got “exceeds”   Anyway, I also know that others got “met expectations” that I can’t believe did, and that means she considered my work no higher than the others – UGH!!!.  But realize that is how everyday life is.

  • Everyday, people judge the “performance” of my life.  They examine, approve, and criticize  my life choices.  But at the end of the day, I have to judge my life and say I met my expectations or exceeded (or worse not met).
  • Routinely, I need to examine my life and not wait for a “yearly” review.  For instance, New Year’s Resolutions are a once a year evaluation that generally are kept for a few weeks or months.   Taxes are another “yearly” review for me because I realize yearly how disorganized I am when it comes to them but grateful they are only due yearly (=    I need to perform mini-daily, weekly, monthly reviews of my life.  Holding on to issues and not solving them quickly just makes bigger problems.
  • My performance should never be compared or based on the performance of another person’s performance.  I am responsible for me and my choices.  Does it make either of us wrong? – Absolutely not!  But it reminds me of the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” where at the wedding reception the father of bride (who is very Greek) states the bride and grooms last names are greek meaning – Apples andOranges.  They set aside their difference, appreciated the differences, and had a beautiful marriage.  Much like life – Jim and I have differences, friends and I have differences — but in the end we have beautiful relationships because we don’t compare our performances. 

The reward of the performance review is great if it’s financial (=  But, there is so much more:

  • Knowing that I did my best and am recognized – it is builds self-esteem.  But, much sweeter to be recognized by the ones you love than work any day!
  • Helping to refocus on areas that can use improvement.  When I get my work evaluation, I generally ask “what can I do better”?  It is definitely more important in my personal life to ask this question ‘ “What can I do better” – family time, personal time, etc…
  • Recognizing that when others judge your “performance” it is just one person’s opinion!  My boss didn’t really like/dislike me so thankful she said “I met” but would be much more disappointed if my boss of > 6 years would say the same about me.  In personal life, when people judge my “performance” I have to think * does their opinion matter? * is it because they are comparing my life to theirs and our values may differ?  What I should be concerned about is when Christ, my husband, and my children do not like my performance!  Also, am I happy or what do I need to fix.

I always have to be prepared for PERFORMANCE REVIEWS.  Everyday, people look at my life and judge it.  But, at the end of the day, how do those that most matter judge it – does Christ say “well done my good and faithful servant”, does my husband say “you are a great wife and mother”, does my children say “I felt loved and honored by you today Mom”!  IF any of those areas are NOT MET – ask for forgiveness and move on because tomorrow is a NEW day!!  That is the PERFORMANCE REVIEW that matters!!!!

 “Being relaxed, at peace with yourself, confident, emotionally neutral, loose, and free-floating – these are the keys to successful performance in almost everything.”Dr. Wayne W. Dyer


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