prepare to CHANGE

Last Sunday at church, our Pastor asked how many people like change and I believe Jim and I were two of the few who raised our hands.  The funny thing is, I would never have thought that of Jim and we have been married almost 20 years.. at least he doesn’t believe in changing wives (LOL).  But…we always sleep on the same side of the bed (even when we go on vacation), I generally cook the same things day after day for meals, very few pieces of furniture has been moved in our home, he has been with the same employer for going on 20 years, I have a total of almost 15 out of 20 years at WVUH, he still has/wears sweatshirts that my mom purchased for Christmas gifts before we were even married, etc…   Even further back, I live in the same town that I grew up in – moved from my parent’s home to the home I am in now.

We are always wiling to try out new places to go.. but our hearts always return to the same hotel atVirginia Beachfor the summer – we eat at the same restaurants (now that we have narrowed out all the ones we didn’t love or didn’t want to drive to), have the same routine there.  One year we went to Myrtle and hated it and came home early, but friends of ours go there every year.   But, we did venture to Sea World inFloridathis year and the kids talk about it almost every week.  I think the reason we go to the same spot inVirginia Beachis so we don’t have to “think” about vacation. 

There have been things changed in his life – he became a firefighter, an EMT, then a paramedic, and then a state fire instructor, then HazMat training in various things (such as swift water rescue), and a few new ones on a horizon.  His job has variety with different computer issues, building projects, etc…  So everyday is a little change.  But I think he loves changes in regards to challenges – always willing to try a new adventure, new trail to explore, etc..

I have changed things in my life with the types of nursing I have done – every job I have taken I have said “well, I haven’t done that before, why not try”.  In Care Management, I don’t have patient contact so much, but get to fight at the insurance end for them, and EVERYDAY is a new adventure with the patient’s admitted.  I LOVE my jobs!!! I also love to try change in how we do things and how I do things to see if I can improve on my productivity (“work smarter”).  I must admit, most changes I love, but there is always an exception.  I love a challenge, but not as adventurous as Jim

But for two people who love change you would think we would pack up and move place to place.  Our children go to the same schools I attended as a child, but man have they changed!  The names are the same – AJ has the same building but Marclay has a new building.  I am currently exploring some change in their education because when once a school may have met everyone’s need, I am learning that not every child learns within the same walls and so I believe CHANGE will be inevitable in the coming year.

I think of one of the biggest area of change for me has been friendships.  We have friendships that have endured over the years, while others have moved on over the years.  Often, circumstances make our friendships change.  I have very dear friends from Mary’s dance days and we sat and shared many a night and experience together.  But as the girls went their separate ways so did the friendships.  I could sit down with any of them this day and catch up and Facebook has also helped, but still our relationship changed from a routine basis to an occasional basis.  I have another dear friend who has gone through a divorce and is in the dating lane.  Our friendship has changed because her life priorities are different than mine and I can’t always relate.  Could I sit down and pick up where we left off – yes — but it is still changed and not as consistent.  But it is okay to change friendships because we are human and time and situations change us to be different people.

Change is inevitable.  I can choose to go with a change or buck the system.  In my opinion, the energy to buck the system could be applied to the change that just may make things better.  Although our new documentation system from last year at work would not be on my list of improvements – LOL – but it is part of my job.  Do I have a choice – yes change or leave!  Nothing drives me more crazy then people who constantly complain about changes – LEAVE, but I guarantee change will happen where ever you go.

Considering that Jim and I are both up for change – maybe I need to implement a little more in our lives.  Simple things – try new recipes, move around the furniture, paint the walls different colors (instead of the plain white), new vacation spots, and new family adventures.   I never really thought about it – I do love change but love to be comfortable so not sure ready to switch sides of the bed (=   But, what stops me from other changes I would like to make – financial reasons, fear of unknown, lack of confidence that I can do it, not sure where to start, and doubt the energy to see it through.

It is easy for me when they say things will change at work because it is required and the decision is made for me and I am not totally responsible for any downfall.  I think of some people who have had to go through changes – divorce, death of spouse, loss of job, health issues – those changes I am not a fan of.  But, I now realize I do enjoy change but is much easier to do when someone else implements/requires it.  I love Pintrest, unfortunately not much time to spend on it, but it is like a big notebook of all the things I would like to add, try, and change in my life.  I think it’s time for me prepare to CHANGE, and be the one who starts the change in my life and my family life.  Now, where/when do I want to begin?

“20 years from now you will be disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the one’s you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” -Mark Twain




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