So, today my quote is about starting where you are – not waiting for perfection – and each step will make you stronger!

Only a few times in my life has the timing seemed perfect – started to date Jim on date one, I just laid it all out on the line that I would live in the mountains, graduate from college with my maiden name, and then would consider manage.  Because then I felt that would make the most perfect conditions.  Just thankful, he didn’t run away after laying it out there.

I remember Jim and I talking about we would have children when we were financially stable – LOL – if that were the case, we would still not have children.  I am so thankful that God’s plans are bigger than I can imagine!

I am horrible about procrastinating and waiting for the perfect moment to do something, and am beginning to think that all the perfect moments occur when I am sleeping (lol).  I have lost spontaneity in life at times and find myself looking at my calendar to figure out when I can/will squeeze everything in.  I have an incredible friend who has 5 children and doesn’t own a calendar.  I would like to be a happy medium between her habit and my habit.  But, the most incredible moments are not the ones in my calendar.  They are not the ones I waited for the perfect moment and planned.  They are captured in the little moments. 

For instance, on Sunday, Jim had to teach but the kids and I still went to church.  I honestly contemplated sleeping in, but knew the right lesson to teach my kids is Christ comes first.  Then decided to blow off the day and headed toPittsburghfor Olive Garden and Toys-R-Us for Sam.  Great trip and great conversation took place in the car.  Then Sam wanted to take his dinosaurs to feed and get water at Ohiopyle.    I could have said, it’s too hot, I don’t have the right clothes on (I was wearing long pants and dress shoes), I didn’t have a change of shoes for Sam, etc… INSTEAD, I said yes to the moment and not waiting for everything to be organized and perfect.  I also could have justly said I need a nap since I work nights.  BUT we stopped and the peace I found in that time was priceless.  God knew I needed those moments to heal from past things the previous week and prepare me for future weeks chaos.  I needed the renewal.  If I would have waited, I would have missed the blessing. 

My “to do” list is getting a little crazy again – and it is scattered on several pieces of paper.  I keep saying I am going to get them all pulled together soon if only I could just sit down over a cup of tea away from home so I could focus… guess what, I have never gotten somewhere to have tea – my to do lists are a mess – and probably what I am missing out on are accomplishing the small things on my list because I am waiting for the perfect moment of organizing them instead of just pulling them out as is and crossing things off the list.

My house is always crazy – I have a BIG dream of just clearing my garage completely out and setting up organization stations (would love just to do in my yard but weather is too unpredicatbale and will take days) so I could sort through everything.  For instance, shoes are an issue – I would love to go through my house and dump all the shoes in one location and then sort and purge… CD/DVDs are a huge issue – I would love to gather all of them into one location and organize.   Sam’s toys – I need to sort them by type (dinosaurs, legos, trains, etc..)..  I am always waiting to get the garage clean and then I will move forward… instead I could just say I am conquering DVDs for a few days and then move on… I believe the perfect moment will never come to do it all, so I better seize 15 minute blocks and move forward on the little projects.  (The is great at this concept and I just need to start tomorrow on doing it – the fly lady talks about the value of just dedicating 15 minutes to a room).

My weight / health  – I always think I will start tomorrow and drink the water and walk 30 minutes and eat smaller portions… because I take it all on at one time and in my head it is all or nothing, I rob myself of the 15 minutes on a work break to go outside and walk around or toss the ball to the dog.  Drinking one large glass of water is better than none.  One of the other dreams I have is to do a menu / food prep – I would love for a month – but what about taking it a week at a time.  At the end of 4 weeks I would have a month done and could keep the good recipes for the next month and add in different ones for the ones we didn’t really like.

Growing up, my mom often had a puzzle out on the table and we would sti at time for hours and work on it, and other times we would just have time to put in a piece or two!  PERFECT analogy for life – there will be times I can sit for a few hours and dedicate to a project/planning, etc… but even if I do a piece or two at a time in the end the puzzle will still be done.    It is time a prepare to start working on life’s puzzle  – not expecting that I can do it all at one sitting under perfect conditions, but by building it piece by piece.  Some pieces will fit in quickly and other pieces will need turned and re-examined for a different spot.  In the end, the puzzle / the goals will get done and there are always more puzzles to do….

 “Don’t wait until everything is just right. It will never be perfect. There will always be challenges, obstacles and less than perfect conditions. So what. Get started now. With each step you take, you will grow stronger and stronger, more and more skilled, more and more self-confident and more and more successful.” -MarkVictor Hansen


2 thoughts on “prepare to START WORKING on LIFE’S PUZZLE

  1. Tracy Velickoff May 8, 2012 at 6:48 am Reply

    This is my life as well. I am to the point though that it is all important so I can’t choose where to start so nothing gets done. Overwhelmed is an understatement in my life. So blessed by your share today. Stole a quote 🙂 hope to use it a long time.

  2. Tracy Velickoff May 8, 2012 at 6:53 am Reply

    The puzzle is another great illistration, Katy Brazelton in her book “The Purpose Driven Woman” speaks of this in away that struck me to change my life in 2003 maybe I should revisit that idea…cause I believe you have struck something in me showing the fragments or puzzle pieces of my life need to be reassembled for the next phase of my life. ❤

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