prepare to REPLACE

“Computers are magnificent tools for the realization of our dreams, but no machine can replace the human spark of spirit, compassion, love, and understanding.” – L.Gerstein

I am writing my first blog on my kindle fire. My laptop is near death and not sure I want to invest in another one versus using a desk top. I spent 14.99 for the typing program versus a new laptop for now. Some observations that I consider with the thought of a new laptop… as I prepare to replace.
Of note, I have written this once and didn’t save it. On my laptop I have the auto save every 2 minutes selection. It has taken me 2 days to figure out how to get from document to blog by cut/paste. I also realize there is no spell check. Hope my mom is on my shoulder as she always loved spelling. One more thing as a society that we have allowed our computers and phones to replace is spelling. And now we have even created a whole new language with texting.

1. a laptop makes it to easy to always be distracted… it can be carried to any room versus a dedicated time and location. I think often in life for me it is easier to be distracted then to face reality. For instance I love to watch a good chick flick to distract me from reality. Some love reality Tv shows. When I rarely watch them I usually think why would you want a camera following you all the time… then I realize they likely REPLACED their privacy for money. I spend time on the computer and can easily get distracted by reading and clicking a link and then reading that one, etc. I REPLACE computer time for reality.
2 .it is easier just to repurchase when something is broke then to see if you can live without it… to face the unknown. Honestly my last time in my life without a laptop was probably 20 years ago after college and right after Jim and I married. The laptops then were dinosaurs now and as I look at new ones Jim, my own computer guy, is making all these recommendations of what I need in a computer.. all upgrades and all the while I am thinking the one I had been fine. Unfortunately it is broken… literally… it has taken a couple rough tumbles and the thread it was hanging on has raveled -lol. I looked on ebay just to find a new body for my hard drive to fix it. But I see all too often the motto of REPLACEMENT instead of fixing what’s broken… it is true for friendships, for relationships with children, for marriages. I think it can be the motto of a mid -life crisis replace the family car for a sports car… replace the marriage with a new relationship which also often causes replacing the relationship with the new person even over your children. I hope if Jim and I ever go thru the crisis it is only REPLACING the cars (:
3. The other problem with a computer being dead is everything you thought was so important is stuck inside the machine. for me I thankfully have not replaced my paper
calendar for a computer driven one. I would have been in trouble. I am guilty of replacing a nice hand written note card with a quick message via email or facebook. However I have really tried to do better. I am guilty of replacing a conversation with a series of text messages. nothing beats pen/pencil and paper nor the voice of a friend. my favorite text is “can you chat!” Followed by “call me”. I got something in the mail this week from my Aunt Dorothy this week for no particular reason but I wad on her mind. I think I need to replace some technology conversation with the real thing!
well my first Blog on my tablet wasn’t so bad… now to transfer to my blog.. I am challenged by the simple act of my computers demise to reflect and prepare to REPLACE bad habits with good… REPLACE texts for conversation… REPLACE computer time with productive time… and will not be replacing my husband or children even for my mid-life crisis (=


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