prepare to REBUILD!

Another day at the beach and finding that I am in more in tune with my surroundings as the rat race has slowed.  I make it a conscious effort to notice little things.  A habit I definitely want to take home with me.  I really planned to get my thoughts together this trip, developing a life plan and a routine for our crazy family.  I even brought a new calendar to convert over to – LOL!!!!  Instead, I have focused on the moment – just as it should be.  I think sometimes we plan our life away and always think to what to do tomorrow instead of just living today.  I had also planned to read more, but postponed for a much more fun activity – participating in building sandcastles and digging holes.  Again, a much better perspective…

I need to take a child-like perspective to live.  Living in the moment.  Yesterday we built mini-castles for Samuel to crush (= and despite them crashing, I kept re-building. We also dug a large hole near the water and despite the sides crashing in with the waves we kept re-building.  In daily life, I am not so resilient in many areas.  How many times do I feel like life is crashing in and I cave in to the problem instead of standing up and re-building.  There is nothing wrong with starting over and building on what is still there!  There is also nothing wrong with admitting something was a total loss and re-building from nothing.  A fresh start.  Every day should be a fresh start.  Every day I should be prepared to build on what exists or tear it down and start over.  How many times do I just wallow in self-pity or despair instead of stepping back and saying rebuild or start over?  I need to prepare to rebuild!

Every time we built the holes and the castles they were different, but still beautiful!  We did not have blueprints on how to build or dig – we just did it!  Sometimes a wall would cave in when we attempted to build the tunnels Sam loves.  Sometimes the tunnels became a bridge.  Things are not always going to work out the way I plan.  In fact, sometimes the best moments are those NOT planned!  The things not on my to-do list… or maybe I should just rebuild my to-do-list too!! Let it read more like a few housework items and the rest either blank or let the moments lead or fill with things that bring happiness to myself and/or family.

Yes, I still think about what I am returning to shortly – a house needing work, my health needing attention, my work needing my attendance, etc… However, I need not focus on all the times I tried and the plans collapsed, but rebuild my ideas.  Rebuild my strength.  Rebuild my resolve.  I need to rebuild my focus and not let all the collapses of the walls around me stop me from rebuilding.  The result may be more beautiful, more successful, and stronger.  Every time we rebuilt the castles, they were different but stronger because the foundation was stronger.  I need to rebuild my set of thinking on the foundation – on my faith and on my family!  When I take my focus off the foundation when even doing the little things including my daily to-do-list – the walls will collapse!

I am so blessed to have this time to refocus, to remember what is my foundation, and to rebuild my strength.  I need to do this more often…   Now for some more castles in the sand…


Matthew 7:24-25     24 “Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. 25 The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock.


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