prepare to PAUSE

I have said many times before I am not a morning person…. but last night I looked up the sunrise time at the beach and got out of bed at 5:30 to not miss it. I positioned myself on our balcony and watched and waited. The beautiful pink turned to orange and then is shining across the ocean! The sounds of the crashing waves. Dolphin fins just a little out from the sand!  I wanted to experience this and so thankful I did. I may never get to see it again… life is too short to waste it away… I so needed this break to realize it! I recorded the sun and the waves crashing so when I forget I have that reminder. I am changing my phone picture to my children so everytime I go to answer it I remember they come first.  I have a big week ahead of me that can change life as I know it.. why do I wait for these life changing moments at the beach.. at home… at work?  Why cant I pause and seize a simple moment everyday?
    We joke while we are here about Jim getting a job here and moving.  To experience the beach everyday. We could escape back to PA for the grass and trees.  But God’s beauty and reminders are at home too.  They are just easier to see here because of the break from reality. If we went to work here it would be the same scenario as at home, I wouldn’t see the beautify because routine would block my view.  When was the last time I got out of bed early to watch the sunrise at home.. it is the same sun and the same God who placed it there.  We took a dolphin cruise at sunset on Wednesday – I cant remember the last time I watched this from home…
     Here it is easy to hear “be still and know that I am God”.  I have to prepare to press pause (no matter the location)!  It is not just location (that is the easy part here).  But when I leave I take the most important elements with me!  God never changes – He is here just as He is in PA… my heart and mind are also the same whether here or in PA.  I have God’s creation at home (although not the beach),  it is still His beauty! I need to push the pause button every once in awhile instead of always fast forward pace. Pause instead of slow motion when I start to get stuck in a viscous cycle if self pity and remember He is still God!. I need to use pause and * capture the sunrises and sunsets no matter the location, * tell my children I love them,* capture alone time with my husband, * for lunch and/or conversation with friends, *  read a few pages in a book, * remember this trip,  * enjoy more frequent small get aways for a few hours or a few days  * just BE STILL!!

Psalm 46:10 “be still and know that I am God”….


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