prepare to OPEN MY EYES

On Sunday I was driving home from work and ever since I set out to intentionally see the sunrise at the beach, I have been fascinated.  In fact, I had intentions one morning of getting up early and walking to Jumonsville Cross, and if I actually physically made it to the top, I would watch the sunrise.  I figure it would be a magnificent view.  However, it rained that morning and decided to just sit on my porch and watch the sunrise.  In almost 20 years at this home, I can tell you I never intentionally watched the sunrise from my home.  Yes, I have been annoyed by it waking me in the morning, especially since we got new windows and I haven’t put curtains up yet, but I had never intentionally watched for it.  Honestly, never really looked forward to watching for it because that requires getting up to see it.   It made me think that it is the same beautiful sunrise that awakens over the ocean every morning.  So, why did I always assume it was so much prettier at the beach?  Probably because I finally slowed down to see it and appreciate it and let it soak into my soul.

 So, as I drove home on Sunday at first it was just peeking over the mountains.  I wanted to stop and get a great picture, but as I dropped down the hill, being in the valley blocked the beautiful view.  That is so much like my life, when I am in the valley, God is still there and the sun still rises, but I allow mountain of circumstances block my view from His beauty.   And even when I am in the valley, the sunrises, it just takes a little longer to see it.  But, since many times I just want things to hurry up, I am not always patient waiting for the sun to overcome the valley and darkness.   

 Driving and watching how it seemed the sunrise almost changed position and moved further away, but is was the direction of my driving.  Also so like life.  Sometimes I feel like God is moving farther away.  However, it is MY driving that takes me away from Him.  He is always in the same spot, just waiting for ME to show up.  Sometimes, it is * distractions along the way, * I take the wrong route * I take the long route to keep running * I go too fast and miss it * I go too slow.   Thankfully, He stays still and patiently waits for me to get back on track and headed in the right direction with the right focus.

 About half way into the trip home it became 100% fog.  It was the kind of fog that makes it hard to see the hood of my vehicle or anything in front of you.  Many days of my life I feel like I live in the fog.  Sometimes it is fog from * heaviness in my heart * too many things to do * avoidance * worry * anger, etc.  When my emotions and my life is not in check with what I know is His will, it is though I am in the fog, and have no idea which direction to go.  Thankfully, the fog will lift if I keep going.

 It has been amazing, just that intentional moment of getting up at the ocean to see the sunrise.  There was nothing blocking my view there because of the flat horizon of the ocean.  My heart and head was clear after a week of sand therapy.  My time and schedule was open.  The cares and worries of daily life did not exist.  I can still close my eyes and see it.  However, I can tell you that the sunrise over the mountain landscape is equally beautiful.  There also nothing more breathtaking than coming out of a dark valley and seeing that sun shining.  I am just sorry that I haven’t taken the time to relish the sunrises more in my life.  Sorry that it took 20 years for me to sit on my porch for the first time, but grateful that I finally took that time.  Thankful that it rained that morning I planned to go to the cross.  I believe it was God’s message to me that I don’t have to go somewhere “special” to enjoy His beauty and feel His presence.  I just have to prepare to OPEN MY EYES!

 Ephesians 1:18 “18 I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you…


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