prepare for BROKEN PIECES

Remember my mug I fell in love with and had to go back and purchase?  Live Today with Passion – it even inspired a blog post  (  I really did love my mug.  It had a star on the inside the rim and I knew how far to pour the water and how much milk to add.  It made me smile and think about the saying the first thing every morning I drank from it.  Well, this past week, it got broken.  I really wanted to cry, but told my daughter it was okay and was an accident.  Really, it is just a mug.  Well, now it will have to be a pencil holder because I just can’t get rid of it and I also can’t drink out of it.  Despite being broken, to me, it is still beautiful. 

When I was a young girl, I won a pretty big statue at the Markleysburg Grange of a Mom wiping away the tears of a little girl.  The statue was left in the living room.  Keep in mind, I had three older brothers and they liked to horse around.  Unfortunately, my statue became the casualty of one of their battles.  Never fear, they learned to glue just about anything together.  I was threatened not to tell and my mom didn’t really notice THAT time.  Unfortunately, my statue often took the toll of a battle and it kept getting re-glued together.  To me, it was broken but beautiful.

While searching for shells at the beach, we found some really beautiful shells.  We even found a sand dollar with only a little crack.  However, we found mostly pieces of shells.  They were beautiful in their color and their smoothness.  I thought about the pieces I still collected as “broken but beautiful”.  I am sure they each had a story of how they were broken – the hard tide tossing them back and forth against the ocean floor.  Some may have been broken by a sea creature.  Some may have become broken by being tramped on by humans. I wonder how many times the pieces were picked up by human hands and discarded back into the ocean because they were not the perfect shell?  They are broken but beautiful!

I was blessed a good Christian family that loved me.  We went to church every Sunday and if it snowed you just took the snowmobiles.  I don’t ever remember having my butt smacked as a child (my brothers cannot say the same thing but keep in mind the above example.  In addition, they will say I didn’t get my butt smacked because I was the favorite child.  My side of the story is I just say all their mistakes and didn’t make them.  Honestly, to this day, me being the favorite and the “angel” always comes up!). My parents didn’t fight that I recall and my dad stuck to my mother’s side, despite illness, until she went to Heaven.  I thought that everyone had this type of life.  As I entered high school I knew of some children from divorced homes.  But that isn’t the “normal” anymore.  Now a child abuse case makes the headlines almost daily.  All pregnant women at some hospitals get mandatory drug testing to be prepared for infants going through withdrawal.  Most children come from separated/divorced homes with step-parents or live-in boyfriends/girlfriends. 

Honestly, while at the beach and seeing the beautiful broken shells, I thought of two amazing women in my life.  They were harmed by human hands, tossed and discarded, and thrown into the waves of life time and time again.  As children they were broken by what their “parents” did to them or did not stop from happening to them.  Years of abuse and believing they are worth nothing and deserved everything bad that happened to them.  I can never imagine!  Unfortunately, it does not just happen to them as evidenced by the news.  But their stories are personal to me, not just a number.  The amazing thing to me, that despite all of this crap that no child/person should have to endure, they have a heart of gold.  My life is daily touched at what these amazing women have had to overcome.  They have chosen a much higher life than ever given the chance to live.  To me, it is easy to live a happy life, because I was given that as a child and felt love everyday.  To fight everyday to believe you are worth it, now that’s incredible!  They are broken but beautiful.

I also think of all the patients with cancer that I have taken care of.  I remember Heidi at 30 years of age undergoing bilateral mastectomies and then chemo that caused her to loose her hair.  Her amazing husband would bring whatever she wanted to eat from the “outside” world so she didn’t also have to endure hospital food.  She would say she was broken now with no breasts or hair and I always said… but beautiful.  People are so much deeper than the outer shell.

I have * had a broken heart * allowed sin to corrupt my soul * have mental scars * physical imperfections.  I don’t always feel so beautiful.  However, I base my beauty on my imperfect eyes instead of the eyes of my Heavenly Father.   I base my beauty on my outward appearance, while He bases it on my heart.  He made me, knows my scars, knows my pains, and knows my imperfections.   I have to prepare for BROKEN PIECES and place them in His hands. He knows my sins, insecurities, failures.  Yet, He loves me, and can take my broken pieces and turn them into something beautiful – I just have to let them go of the pieces.  Then I just have to hold on when He chooses to pick me out of the tides of life and look at me and says “You are broken but beautiful!”

Ps 147:3 “He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds. (KJV)


One thought on “prepare for BROKEN PIECES

  1. Beverly Knight July 24, 2012 at 6:54 pm Reply

    WOW!!!! Once again AMAZING!!!! I dont know if I could ever see you as broken, I guess cause you always seem to be so together with your life, family and friends, You always know what to say or do to pick up everyone elses pieces, I know God gave me you cause if you dont know the answer you find the answer 🙂 Thank you again for another great blog…

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