prepare for the FINE LINE

One of the hardest thing as a mom is when your heart breaks for your child.  I loose sleep over this.  Decisions are not easy to make as an adult, let alone a child or teen.  I have years of experiences behind me to help me make decisions. 

Such a fine line between

  • making your child do something they really don’t want to and honoring their right to have a choice to go/not go, do/not do, etc (not talking about chores),
  • discussing how a decision they make can change a friendship, relationship, etc. and step back while they go in the path you know will lead to pain because they need to learn (often the hard way),
  • stepping in when your child is hurting or stepping back and letting the wound heal on its own, in its own time,
  • respecting their need for space and healing by watching as they shut the world out to avoid pain & awkwardness and stepping in and making them face the world (the good and the bad),
  • avoiding saying things that you know will be taken incorrectly and saying the words anyway because they need to be said (despite the consequences),
  • allowing them to make a mistake that you know the end results from experience and stopping them from making the mistake
  • support your child’s side despite knowing/loving the other person involved and not taking sides in a situation,
  • wanting to protect them from the world and letting them experience life (not referring to harmful situations – i.e. drinking, drugs, alcohol),
  • trying to help solve all their problems with them/for them and seeking professional help because you are in way over your head,
  • controlling all situations you can and letting God take control

Actually this can apply to many relationships in life!  It is so hard just to have to sit back and let

  • prayers be said (and wait for the answers – whether it is the answer I like or not),
  • time pass for the healing begin (I am an instant gratification kind of girl),
  • their heart to guide them in the path they should go,
  • GO and LET GOD!

I need to prepare to PLACE THE FINE LINE and accept where it is drawn. So much harder than I could ever imagine!

Prayer for the day, the week, the month, the year..  Dear Lord, please help me remember that You are in control and I ask that you watch over our children – protect their bodies, their hearts, and their souls!  Give me wisdom of where to draw the line.



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