prepare to DIVE IN!

Spent the weekend with Jim and kids at Gettysburg. Always such an awesome trip. We love it there the richness of history, the beautiful landscape, and not to mention Mary’s favorite wings! We have taken a friend for Mary in the past, but this time just us four. We took the annual guided double Decker bus tour and Sam even kept his earphones on for 2 full hours (my how times have changed). Mary and Jim did a bus ghost trip and then a tour of the orphanage. Explored our favorites such as Devil’s Den and Round Top. The little bit of mud dampened the rock climbing Sam and Jim love, but we talk of return in the fall. It is amazing the knowledge about history in our children’s minds…. Something many children do not know or love. I have to thank my wonderful husband for that! Jim loves history and shares his love with our children. Also amazed at Sam’s incredible memory for everything we have done before at Gettysburg.

We stayed at the perfect spot – a hotel with indoor and outdoor pool. I truly believe one of God’s many gifts to Sam was his love of water and natural skill. He’s in his element in the water. Normally he will swim at the very bottom of the pool. I usually keep in the end where he can stand, even though he has proven his skills (hard to let go and even told Jim if he was in the deep end he had to be outside). Well, he was swimming with very rhythmic arm movements (normally he is little arm movement and all feet. I asked him where did you learn that. His reply, Mary – my big sister! We all just looked in amazement. Then we were amazed again…They had a diving board into 9 foot water. Mary had been jumping from the side with him and then he saw one young boy go off the board. I held my breath… He watched a few more times then went up to the board… Then on the board but back off without jumping… And repeated this a few times. I told Jim to go help and he said he will do it when he is ready. Sure enough, off the board he went… And again and again and again for hours.

Why can’t I be more like that – prepare to just dive in? I am always testing the waters and if the temperature/time is not perfect, I stay on the sidelines. Not Sam… If its water he is jumping in giving 100%. Probably some of that is being a child and not calculating all the consequences. The other part is believing in myself hat you can do it. The other piece is realizing it is more fun to try then to wait and calculate. How many times have I held myself back instead of just jumping in? The other thing is as I grow older so does my list of excuses of why I can’t just dive in. What if Samuel would not have not jumped from the board? Nothing bad but what an experience he would have missed out on. For him a life changing experience and who knows where jumping from that diving board will lead? I don’t know what goes through his mind, but I can only imagine! He has never had a formal class because we need to find the right person to teach him and build his skills. We are also fearful that the wrong person could crush his love of the water. But with the right person I truly believe the sky is the limit. At times I have limited myself because I didn’t have the education or don’t know how… Again just excuses…

I need to prepare to just dive in! God gives me time to enjoy and to use to its fullest and not to fill with excuses. He gives to me a fresh day every day to just dive in with both feet. Trust Him and His plans and just dive in – stop calculating and making excuses!. Savor the gifts and the moments. Leave the past where it belongs. So I prepare to just dive in… There is always a new opportunity and a new day ahead…

“Do one thing every day that scares you.”~ Eleanor Roosevelt


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