(note started this the other night it stormed – just never got it posted)

So I actually read a book in Gettysburg. I had found it in my garage when cleaning. the book is have a little faith by Mitch Albom (the author of tuesdays with morrie, five people you meet in heaven, and a new book being released sept 4 called the timekeeper)  Tuesdays with morrie was a nonfiction book as was have a little faith September 4.  They are simple but powerful books that shake up my current way of thinking.

The one story/sermon in the book was about a gentleman who carried a job reference that said he sleeps in the storm.  He was hired anyway and then a bad storm came. The employer went running out to the fields and barn etc because he figured his worker would be asleep and not taking care of things. Much to his surprise, everything was tied down, animals safely in, etc. and he realized he sleeps in a storm because he knew he already took care of everything.  Well, tonight as the thunder rolls and the lightening strikes… I need to prepare to sleep in the storm….

I think of all the storms that have passed through my life – years of infertility, a miscarriage, my mom’s death, etc. and the little storms of financial concerns, health issues, etc… Some I could prepare for and sleep in the storm, while others nothing could prepare me for – not just the storm sometimes but the aftershock!

But I think sometimes for me it is a state of mind as much as it is physical readiness.  It is when all the storm clouds of life, demands at work at home as a wife as a mother etc. swirl around me that I can feel the storm brewing.  Uneasiness in my misdemeanor and I get a little more snippy.  My lightening strikes are a little stronger and less predictable.  I know storms are going to happen in life.  I know conditions are not always perfect. I know that I will say things that should not be said and not speak when I should. I know bills will come, and the money may be tight to pay them.  I know sickness comes too and I may not believe I will have strength to endure.  Repairs will be need to the car and home, and they are out of my control.

I can tell you when the weather storms come. I will have children coming to my bedside in hopes of comfort.  They will likely find me sleeping (thought lightly) in the storm.  I actually love the sounds of storms and use to really love them at my grandma’s home with the rain hitting the tin roof.  But, I am a mom and when the storms come I will have children coming to my bedside in hopes for comfort and assurance of safety.  That is exactly the relationship I need to have with my Heavenly Father.  When the storms of life come, I need to go to Him in prayer and silence and seek comfort and assurance.  Well, that is not what happens…

  • I don’t go to him first – I have to hang on the storm and let it brew and get larger and act like I have it all together and can handle it on my own. 
  • I don’t go to friends/family to ask for help – they have enough to deal with and I can do this on my own.
  • If I finally take it to God – I don’t leave it there.  I have to hold onto it because I either don’t trust God or don’t think he works fast enough – like I have control over that!

This is going to take some time for me I know.  Everyday and every situation is a new chance for me to remember that even when the storms come He has everything in place and I can rest in that comfort. I need to prepare to sleep in the storm, knowing that my God, has it all under control….

quote from have a little faith (pg 44) – Mitch Albom: 

 “Faith is about doing. You are how you act, not just how you believe”

 p.s. I encourage you to read Mitch Albom’s book – this book was about 2 “reverends” from different ends of the spectrum.. amazing story!


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