prepare for MASTERY

An amazing concept – Mastery.  As we embark on the cyber school experience, the once concept that has me most excited is this – Mastery.  Basically, if a child does not score high enough on a test (i.e. less than a 80%), they ask that you go back over the concept to be sure it understood, retake the assessment, and know the information BEFORE moving forward.  Mary’s math teacher in 4th and 5th grade somewhat did this by allowing them to take the test and once test graded they could go back and correct the questions they missed if they wanted to.  She would have 2 grades for each test. I am sure there were some students who chose not to go back and correct errors and then they would just have the same grade twice.  I, on the other hand, had I been given that opportunity would have gone back and corrected them.   I must admit, I am more on the lines of perfectionisms in some areas of life (school and work).

For example, if I get an email from any of my bosses questioning something I did or did not do, it DRIVES ME CRAZY.  Last week, I had covered an assignment at Mon and my boss emailed me about a case.  I knew I had seen the patient, but of course, the paper was at work.  I immediately replied, even though I am not required to check email on off-days (another way I am a perfectionist with work).  She didn’t reply back, the weekend came, and then reply on Tuesday.   I was brewing all weekend because I love to be mastery when it comes to work (p.s. my paper indicated I looked at the patient and all was well).  I hate to make mistakes and it eats me alive.  Another instance at Ruby, my boss emails me and I took it as a question about my work, again eating away at me, and then realized it was for clarification not an error.  As I prepare for yet another fight with my old insurance company over a bill, I called customer service.  They were stating all these things and they did not realize I kept dates, times, names of contacts, and copies of authorizations prior to the visit, etc… I was told the issue was resolved with the last phone call and then get a cowardly letter in the mail saying they can’t do anything.  Well, I know our rights and went to battle with the next customer service representation.  I was very nice, but had my ducks in a row, and explained I would be pursuing my levels of appeal.  I am a mastery when it comes to insurance issues and fighting for payment for our son’s healthcare! 

Well, that is all great that I master work… but what about all the other areas of my life! Not sure I even come close on 80% on some days…. First let me examine what 80% looks like. 

  • 80% of one year (365 days) would be 292 days  (73 days is 20% of a year)
  • 80% of one week (7 days) would be 5.6 days      (1.4 days is 20% of a week)
  • 80% of one day [24 hours – 6 hours sleep (though more like 4) = 18 hours] = 14.4 hours (3.6 waking hours is 20% of a day)

As a mom… do I master being a good (would love to say great) mom 14.4 hours a day?  If so, do I spend more than 3.6 hours involved in something (i.e. facebook, pintrest, gossip, etc…) that I could use better toward our children?  Do I pray for them? Do I try to speak their “love language”? Days of work (10-hour days) would leave 4.4 hours for that day.  I know that on those days it is even worse because I am trying to get everything done!  OUCH – I must admit, I never really thought about it this way.  We won’t even discuss the days I have done 2 jobs in one day. Granted, with cyber school, the hours with them will increase, but will my mastery as a mom.  I have to be up and ready for the challenge…

As a wife… equation is a little different because I would not count the hours we are at work; however, maybe it should.  While Jim is at work or while I am at work, do I complain to others about my husband or build him up to others?  Do I pray for him and our marriage? Do I speak his “love language” or sulk because mine is not met? Do I welcome him home with a smile on my face or complain about my day? Do I get dressed or stay in PJs if I am home?  Do we talk about issues or do I let them brew and then become unglued? 

As a friend… do I reach out to friends when they have a need or wait till they ask?  Do I pray for them faithfully? Do I remember special occasions for them?  Do I send them random mail, emails, facebook messages?  Do I keep their secrets? Do I make time for them? 

As a Christian… (not sure I am ready to go there)… Do I pray more than once a day?  Do I read His word?  Do I read devotional/books to fill my mind?  Do my actions speak of Christ or of myself?   Do the words I speak embarrass Him? Do I blast on Facebook all my issues instead of just saying I need a prayer and putting a Bible verse?  Do I tell others my problems but not give them to God?  Do I move closer to Him or farther away?  Do I do unto others as I would have them do unto me?  Do I lift up others or tear them down?  Do I attend church as often as I can or when convenient? If I think about it – going to church once a week is only 52 Sundays – that isn’t even 20% of a year!  OUCH! OUCH! OUCH!!!

A long way from mastery includes the following in no particular order: our home and chores… finances… eating… exercise… me time…   They would be failing grades with no exaggeration.  I know I don’t measure up many of these to others!  I also do no measure close to mastery on my own scale.

So now what.. I know I don’t obtain mastery… I can choose to keep doing as I have always done (see quote below from Einstein) or I can work on the areas.  Ask those who love me, how am I doing?  I then can take the feedback and try again.  I can do my own self-assessment on my physical and spiritual life, but do I?  I am thinking my report card on life would not display the mastery levels that I am capable of!  I attempt mastery at work more than most areas of my life… that is sad, embarrassing, and hard to accept and admit!  Do I think I completely fail everything? NO, but there is definitely room to grow… I prepare for MASTERY in all the roles God has so richly blessed me with. 

“Insanity: doing the same thing, over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

 “Self-disciplined begins with the mastery of your thoughts. If you don’t control what you think, you can’t control what you do. Simply, self-discipline enables you to think first and act afterward.” – Napolean Hill

(hmmm… MASTERY – that would be a contender for my “one word” in 2013).

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