prepare to JUST BREATH

Sam has this saying when we hug him tight “I like to breathe”  and you have to hear him say it because he says it so different from his normal voice.  (NOTE: any new phrase or one where you can tell it is an attempt to sound like someone else,  you can ask what movie – this one is from Open Season 3).  It makes me smile when I hear him say it… but there are days, like today, that is exactly how I feel… but maybe more like I NEED TO BREATHE!  

One of my many faults is attempting to multi-task.  I could be doing the dishes and think of a few more things and start on them.  I have been known to burn stuff on the stove forgetting that I put it on and going off to get one more thing done.  I try to remember to set the timer for things as short as 3 minutes for fries.  How sad is that though that I feel like I need to fill that 3 minutes with another activity instead of just taking a moment to breathe?  I am not sure if I can even be still for 3 minutes anymore.

There are many articles on the benefits of just deep breathing… simply taking a deep breath.  I know when I do pause and take a deep breath it clears my head.  It slows me down.  It helps me to refocus.  Unfortunately, I am often too busy running from item to item whether mentally or physically that pausing is not in my vocabulary.  I think of all the patents with kids in sports and the family runs from school to sport to homework to bed and start over again the next day.  I use to do that with Mary in dance a couple nights a week and we adapted. But, it wasn’t easy, so Kudos to those of you who still function despite all the running.  Growing up, it was never like that.  We came from school and played and helped on the farm and got jobs as soon as we were old enough.  We had home-cooked meals everyday.  About the only traveling we did was to a church event.  We didn’t participate in organized sports if they had them, but even if they did, they were not on a weekend.  The weekends were sacred for family. 

Our kids are much more the low running, need space and time to breathe, kind of kids.  Sam likes to go to town for a toy, but as soon as the task is accomplished he wants to go home.  Mary is very similar.  She may go shopping and a movie, but just as content staying home listening to her music.  We love special vacations together, but are always ready to come home.  Sam has a new love for playing outside for long periods of time, which is huge because bugs would have once kept him inside.  I am not a mom of routine – which has its plus/minus.  For instance, last night I knew Sam and I would be doing our school in the evening today, so I let him stay up until he was tired (I will NOT disclose the time as I would get a bad mom award).  But he got his sleep in, will finish getting his school in, and no harm done.  I really don’t stress about them and their pace.  In fact, we joke that Sam has one pace – HIS!  I can say hurry up all I want and the pace will stay the same.  If I know we have to be somewhere at a certain time, I must calculate Sam’s pace and Mary’s pace into the plan.  I have to calculate the time for Sam to choose toys to take and then get to the car and realize he forgets something.  Others will say just make him go without it, and I would prefer to be late getting somewhere, only because the melt down will take more time than looking for the one thing he wants to take.  Mary is one who has to have her downtime where nothing is planned for her.  I could not even begin to describe that intense need for that in this blog (=   So two children low key, go with the flow, needing down time… then there is ME!

It is not unusual for me to work two jobs in one day, plus a commute to Morgantown for at least one of them.  I have put almost enough miles on one day between Uniontown and Morgantown trips to make it to Virginia Beach.  Even as I sit and type this blog, I am thinking of the other thousand things I need to do after I am done.  Last night, I talked on the phone, loaded the dishwasher, while cleaning out the fridge in preparation for garbage day today.  Today, I had to run to Morgantown and had a mini list to accomplish.  Jim asking me for lunch threw a wrench in some of the plans, but I have over the past year realized it is okay to slow down for what’s important – my marriage is important.  Home schooling has also forced me to slow down and the structure is much different than anticipated on my part.  I thought while Sam is doing his school, I could be working on projects, etc… However, I quickly realized that Sam and I would be learning together, which means there is limited multi-tasking.  I will admit, I often sit and ponder all the things that need accomplished while helping him.  I should be a professional juggler because on any given day that is exactly what I do, but even better, I am called mom!

As I wrote this blog, I stopped writing to do several things as I thought of them – Sam’s math and reading, picked up toys and vacuumed the living room (huge task). I started supper and moved clothes from washer to dryer, and then got sidetracked when I say the toilet needed cleaned.  Not once, did I stop to do the one thing I needed most – just to breathe!  Why is that so hard to do?  Why do I feel like my day has to be constantly filled and at the end of the day I look back and think of all the things yet to be done.  It is constant and crazy.  Yesterday when I started a blog, I knew I had to change it to the list I posted instead.  It’s easy to get caught up in the crazy life and forget my desire to overcome.  It’s easy to focus on the bad, yet my riches are so much more. It is easy to let out a sigh (one of my trademarks), but that just releases and doesn’t take new breath in. It’s easy to complain about being tired and not be thankful for the family to take care of and the jobs I have that make me tired.  It’s easy to just keep going along in this crazy life, and just forget to breathe!  I prepare to JUST BREATHE!

“To insure good health: eat lightly, breathe deeply, live moderately, cultivate cheerfulness, and maintain an interest in life.” – William Holden

 I found this very interesting article:

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