prepare for WARNINGS

We heard the storm was coming.  We half hearted prepared.  We left our trip early to be home, Jim got the snow blower in the garage, we have some woods in the house just in case, got the lanterns charged and all the electronics (my has times changed), and figured we have enough food to get us by…BUT, we didn’t switch the parking spot of car and truck so getting the snow blower out was interesting. We could probably use wood on the porch at the looks of the snow we are supposed to still get.  I went to make grill cheese and had one slice of cheese (=  Dog food is very low so she will be spoiled with scraps.  Two of my flashlights had corroded batteries and now do not work.  My lighter is barely working and couldn’t’ find matches so used the lighting of spaghetti to light candles.  Unfortunately, that is how I normally function – do enough to just get by.   Of course, my constant state of procrastination doesn’t help. 

The blessing of this early storm is that is it can prep me of things I need to improve upon.  For instance, I love to make lists and have started one called future storms:  1. more wood, 2. lighters 3. batteries 4. new flashlights 5. stock up the pantry.  Oh, we need to get snow tires on both vehicles, especially so Jim can respond to issues safely.  I need to get the winter clothes gathered (and looking like I need to buy some new snow pants for Sam).  I often learn things when Jim is home for a few days too.  I also sit and think of all the projects I need to do before the “real winter” hits and projects that can happen during the “real winter”.  For instance, laundry is touch because with snows like this bury our dryer vent.  I realize the garage needs some work, but will need a little warmer weather and figure out what MUST get done. 

I remember these storms in childhood – we would build huge snow forts with old lunch boxes, hang out in the basement with the wood burner when the electric went out, had grilled cheese and soup, ride snowmobiles, play games, etc… My parents were always prepared.  Now, I worry that all my electronics are fully charged, stay inside where it is warm, etc.  Sam likes the snow, but Mary not so much.  I remember weeks without electric and now I panic over a couple days.  Probably because I so rely on electronics and so do our children

But what other lessons can be learned from this storm. As a procrastinator, I often wait till tomorrow.  There are tons of warnings in life – some I think have happened because we don’t use common sense (like the low fuel light in the car – we use to look at the gas gauge and now we have a warning light for it.)


  • Storm warnings so you can be prepared – but many, including myself truly prepare.
  • Knowing the Christmas list for your child – but waiting till the last minute to shop
  • Caution / warning signs posted (Danger, stay out) – but we still think it won’t happen to us so may cross the line (think about all the warnings at OhiopylePark / Falls)
  • Speed limit signs – but I may test another 5mph or more if running late.
  • Bad economy and possible loss of job – but don’t have back-up plan or savings
  • Low fuel light – one of my preparations I try to live by is always having enough gas in my car to get me to the closest hospital – I would feel horrible if a loved one had to go emergently and I didn’t have enough gas to get there without stopping!


  • If you smoke – warnings on the package – but assume the consequences won’t happen to them. As a cancer nurse, I am sure many did not think they would get lung cancer.
  • If you drink (and especially drink and drive) – assume you are okay to drive and cause injury/death by doing so.
  • Importance of prevention of disease / obesity / etc… – but I still don’t keep my health at a premium
  • Importance of cancer screenings – but dread making / going to appointments


  • Warning signs that we have relationship / marriage issues – but act like they don’t exist, and then do nothing about them until too late.
  • Friendship issues – but can’t be open and honest with each other to resolve it, so continue in a dysfunctional relationship
  • Death of everyone is guaranteed – but don’t have all of our affairs in order – wills, estates, etc… but especially spiritual affairs in line.

I think about Bible stories and how they would have been so different if they would have been like me… Noah would have been trying to build an ark and collecting the animals the day before the storm.  There are so many other stories that I am thankful they were not procrastinators like me.

Weather warnings are easy to prepare for – we know they are coming, if we heed the warnings. Actually most of the warnings are easy to follow and prepare for, while others take a little more action on my part.  The easiest thing is not putting them off until tomorrow. Learning from them as they happen, and do better next time.  And truly preparing for the worst and praying for the best.


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