prepare my heart for GRATEFULNESS!

I cannot believe it is October 31st… not just because there is massive snow on the ground, but also because that just means another year has past through my fingers too quickly.  November starts tomorrow. The department stores have quickly pushed out Halloween to include Christmas decorations, completely leaving out Thanksgiving.  Samuel has started his Christmas list, snow is on the ground, holiday work schedule is released, and Black Friday ads are being discussed online.  This past year I have had the unusual pleasure, because I squeezed in a little time, to read some amazing books.  Earlier on this year I talked about One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp and did a blog about Thankfulness.  (  As the year is coming to an end, I realize that I have not been as thankful as I should/could be.  After all, I am so richly blessed and should/could easily list them everyday.  But, I have not, and sadly admit that days have past when I don’t even pause to say Thanks for the Giver of All Blessings.   A couple days I blogged about hypocrisy in my life, and this is just one more example!  I say I love my life, my family, my job, Christ – and I don’t pause to count them as blessings every single day!  I don’t pause to thank Christ, but have no problem to list my requests, concerns, and questions (of course when I am ready to and still don’t let them go). 

     As a parent, I try to instill in our children to be grateful and say “Thank You’ to people when they have done nice, encourage them to tell us thank you for things, and often have them examine their lives for all their blessings.  But, I do not always do the same thing.  I need to discover the child-like heart again.  I think of Sam’s excitement and thankfulness over a quarter for the gum ball machine.  Also, recently when Sam thanked the dentist for helping him, even though it hurt.  I not only fail to thank God daily, how often do I express my gratitude to my friends, my husband, my children, the cashier, the waitress, etc..   I take things for granted everyday.  Often because I am so busy seeing how much I can get done that I don’t pause to say thanks.  I do not pause to count my blessing because I am too busy.

    It is not just listing my blessings, but living a life of gratefulness.  A life of being grateful for small and big things.  Sometimes I realize my blessings when someone looses theirs – their home, job, loved one, etc…  I am always mesmerized by watching storm coverage.  Besides living the effects of Hurricaine Sanday, I watched the special on Channel 4.  The sights of the loss of lives, homes, property, cars, electricity, etc. was breath –taking.  I was especially proud to consider myself a nurse when I watched how they emptied the NY City hospital and bagged the people on ventilators and infants, etc… The sites of the ambulances lined up throughout the streets evacuating the hospital and staff carrying patients down more than 10 floors, even critically ill on ventilators.  I was proud to be married to a firefighter as I watched them rescue many lives.  Saddened to watch as many firefighters, who saved lives during 9-11, homes burned down.  Many people locally have been without electric, and we were saved except for a few hours this morning. 

     It would be so easy to be angry about the snow and the inconveniences. I briefly today thought what a pain in the butt to have to cook three meals for the last couple days when no one knew what they wanted to eat.  How pathetic – I have electric, food to fix, the ability to cook – while thousands on the east coast would be grateful for “that problem”

If I can think of nothing to be grateful for – which is sad – I can just read the paper/watch the news, read Facebook and just take the time to be grateful for everything that others do without.

    So, I prepare for wholehearted gratefulness for the month of November.  My blogs will be of the many gifts that make me richly blessed!  I will focus on the blessings and those who bless me.  I prepare my heart for gratefulness!

Psalm 69:30  I will praise the name of God with song, And shall magnify Him with thanksgiving.


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