prepare for MY NEW WORD – 2013

I have mentioned many times about choosing one word to guide me through the year. I first heard about it 2 years ago on K-Love. I use to make long lists of resolutions that never came to remain passed a few days. The lists were always to focus on personal things I wanted to change – you know the weight, the exercise, projects, etc… In hindsight, most things were external issues. By choosing a WORD, in focuses more on the internal me.
In 2011, I chose the word RENEW. I wanted to renew my life – it was the year, I asked to change work hours to better accommodate our family. It was the year that we started going to church together in the fall. I just dabbled with the word in hindsight, but it was the start. In 2012, I chose the word PREPARE and created my blog around it. The word became a daily reminder for me. I have poured my heart out in 125 posts and have grown and changed as a result.
So, I am going to be brave and share my current list, and my thought process behind each word. I started the list probably in November, and the one word surfaced early this year with a mug (read on). Literally, I am going to think “out loud” in this blog and work through my consideration process. On January 1st, after more prayer and contemplation, I will let you know the final decision. I am sharing to encourage others to choose a word and watch it change your heart. Also, I have learned this year, that I think best when I write.
My list started with these words: 1. thankfulness, 2. intentional, 3. purposeful, 4. greater, 5. progress, 6. happiness, 7. hopeful, 8. contentment, 9. passion, 10. serenity, 11. more, 12. move, 13. release, 14. inspiration, 15. attention, and 16. transform.

The first set of words I eliminated were more of feelings and attitude words, including: thankfulness, happiness, hopeful, contentment, and serenity are more feelings and attitude words. These feelings/attitude would/could be a result of a powerful action word. For instance, if I transform my life it will lead to being more thankful, happy, hopeful, etc… If I become Greater where I am in life, it will lead to being more content, thankful, happy, etc… So, these are eliminated as my words, because I am praying they become a result of the word I choose.
Another word I eliminated is inspiration. I wanted to be inspired by Christ and in return inspire others. This word I also believe can become a result of chosing a “stronger” word. Again, if I become the person I want/need to become, I pray the result will be inspiration to others. I know I have to work on ME first before I can inspire others.
The last word I eliminated is release. My thinking of this word was to release my bad habits, my fears that stop me, and also my bad attitude/feelings towards some people/things. But for me the word release was more about negatives than positives – not that letting go of bad things are detrimental. However, I believe by adding more positives and becoming more / better, the negatives will become less in my life.

So I am left with 2. intentional, 3. purposeful, 4. greater, 5. progress, 9. passion, 11. more, 12. move, 15. attention, and 16. transform.

I also resolved that certain words could be grouped into similar goals and will leave the word bolded and underlined be the strongest of the group that I am considering. All of the words that are left cover all the areas of my life that I want to focus on – ME (spiritual, mental, and physical), Relationships (family, friends), and Home (physical, financial, and emotional).

Intentional would encompass purposeful and attention. Intentional is from Family Life ministries ( Being intentional would make me focus and have a plan to address areas of my life. Purposeful is like being intentional and doing things with a purpose, rather just to do them. There are many areas of my life that need Attention – my health, relationships, work, etc.. But if I am intentional, I also would be giving the important things the attention they deserve.

Transform would encompass Progress and Move. Transform is a word that came out of a recent scripture reading and my son’s love of the Transformers. The transformers toys can become something new with some detailed instructions. Transforming would be a step in becoming the person I want to be and Christ asks me to be. Progress would also mean moving forward in the direction of becoming that same person. Progress is a result of our Ladies’ Bible Study because the author talks about imperfect progress. The word Move was chosen because that is what I need to do – move forward physically, emotionally, and mentally and not be stuck in the past failures. They also all address my procrastination and allowing my self to get stuck in a pit.  I feel like if I transform I will be moving and making progress.

Greater and more would both mean going above where I am. I am currently reading and doing a Online Bible Study on the book GREATER by Steven Furtick. Wow, what a challenging book. He talks about how ordinary people can do Greater right where we are. I also wanted my IPod I got so I could download his sermon podcasts from ITunes. The word More is similar to Greater because it means doing MORE for people, for relationships, for work, for taking care of me. Although these words could be taken by some as conceited because I must think I am Great and just want to be Greater OR because I must think I deserve More. However, this is my word choice and do not really let other’s opinion weigh in. This is a decision between me and God.

Passion, this has been a word in my vocabulary this year – starting with my mug (Live Today with Passion). It is such a powerful word that evokes strong emotions in me. It isn’t about just getting by day by day, but living it fully as God has intended. 

I am so glad I decided to write this blog as in writing it brought the choices down to four words from sixteen. The next step is finding scriptures and songs. Then I listen quietly as Christ will lead me in the direction I should go and who He wants me to become….

Side notes: The site is, and now they have a book. I downloaded it last week, and have read all but one chapter (waiting for my Kindle to re-charge). In the last chapter, it talks about the power of writing and reflecting on your word. In addition, the book suggests to place the word in many places as a reminder and encourager. There were several “oneword stories” and it even made me add a few words to my list. Now, I am in the planning and praying for the right word phase. I also find a great scripture that applies to the word and a song. I have the scripture and my song on my phone as a constant reminder (

“When you find peace within yourself, you become the kind of person who can live at peace with others.” – Peace Pilgrims

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.” – Buddha

“What we are is God’s gift to us. What we become is our gift to God.” – Eleanor Powell


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