prepare to be…. INTENTIONAL!

What an amazing blessed year for us. Over the past year I used PREPARE to guide me. I started my blog and poured out my heart on many occasions. I believe that I definitely looked at little things in life differently and hopefully for the better. Last year at this time we were in Orlando Florida at Sea World as a family (Sam has mentioned many times that we should be there now). We found our church as a family and have settled in with some amazing new friends. We enjoyed some adventures at Ohiopyle, the Beach, Gettysburg, and Splash Lagoon. I went away for a whole weekend with just Jim, the first time since before having children. We chose to begin cyber schooling and that was monumental. I met new and dear friends on facebook that have grown beyond the basic watching the other person’s post. I followed my heart to lead a Ladies Bible School, and that has brought me together with some amazing Christian women that I so needed to help me grow in my faith and discover support in people outside myself. Thankfully, I have also rediscovered reading to feed my mind and challenged me to re-think life.

I discovered an Online Bible Study for a book that I had downloaded to my Kindle many months ago. But like many things, I had not opened it. The Online Bible Study is awesome because I can do it as time allows, but keeps me moving forward through the book. The book/Bible Study is GREATER by Steven Furtick. That is how the word GREATER became one of my word choices. It isn’t a book about deserving more in life from God, but how I can become greater * right where I am * in my dependence of Christ * in my relationships * in my commitments. As I read the book, it was though on every page, I wanted that to be me. The Ladies Bible Study, then the Online Bible Study, and then the book has made me hungry for a deeper relationship and to become greater. I bought a new Bible with my name beautifully inscribed on the front, as a reminder they are personal letters and lessons just to me. My wonderful family bought me a new IPod and I have filled all 16gb with podcasts by Steven Furtick and listen to at least one everyday. Yes, I want to be Greater…..
My other word came to mind probably as early as September if not before – INTENTIONAL. I am a procrastinator and in addition, I am a go with the flow, no schedule, no routine, kind of person. I meet all mandatory deadlines, but my to-do list from day to day is filled with things I want to get to. Something happened to me this year, in the middle of the chaos of our life, I began to re-learn who I was. As I poured out my heart in my blogs, I became more than all the roles I play, but a person. As I read books, I realized how much more I can be and can offer. For the last month or so I have made a thankful list almost everyday… and it did not take long to write because my focus has changed to looking for blessing.

 Tonight I made my list and it just supports my word of the year

*  loosing my timeline posts (and earlier this year I lost my blog for a few hours). I have shared so many things on these electronic sites about our family and my heart. They are like a little legacy. So in 2013, I want to continue being INTENTIONAL with my writing. I also want to back up all the writings on these sites and save them for the kids – because I am sure facebook and blogs may involve into something bigger/different.

* the discovery of some older CDs. There is a website called Intentional Living by Randy Carlson. I use to listen to the program every day on my commute to/from work and as a supportive listener, I received his CDs on Intentional Living. I remembered them and got them out and they will prep me for my INTENTIONAL year.

* watching Sam build his castle. So often I hurry through things and get busy multi—tasking. For the last couple days, I just watched in amazement at his imagination. I need to be more INTENTIONAL in the time I spend with him. I also really need to get more involved in the politics of Autism, I am afraid. I need to be INTENTIONAL in ensuring that every opportunity available for him is explored.

* receiving text from Mary makes me realize she is growing up. We have our moments that our relationship can be tricky. But we have grown in the past year thanks to Cyber School and actively working on the relationship. I need to be INTENTIONAL in speaking her love language (one of my many discoveries this year) and continue to build on the relationship.

* a full pantry , but not what we were hungry for. So tonight we even went and got groceries – came home and Jim realized he was hungry for homemade pizza. Guess what I didn’t have… there was a day my pantry would be full of the essentials at all times. I have become less prepared in that area. Suppers are usually a throw together at the last minute and multiple meals to accommodate everyone. I need to be INTENTIONAL in meal planning (even joined a website PLANTOEAT to create meal plans and grocery lists). I love to cook and so does Mary but it is always the same dishes.

*the words chosen by FB friends. I am impressed with the selection and I am so excited to watch them unfold over the year for those who have chosen words. I want to support them in their words and need to be INTENTIONAL in my support. Broken promises to support, just can’t happen.

* a quote that makes me stop. In an Oprah Magazine several years ago, she said “”How you spend your time defines who you are.” Well, I do believe that, but that would also mean there are times I do not like how I am defined. There are times I would be defined as a zombie work-a-holic. Other times I could get good mom and wife. Maybe on occasion be a good Child of God. I want to be INTENTIONAL with my time. Make the moments matter on earth and spend it with the ones that matter.

* Fresh calendar pages, pens, and paper – I had to include this because I know everyday I waste time in a variety of ways. I love the clean pages of a new calendar or tablet and filling it with things to do. I want to be INTENTIONAL of what goes on my list (time for me, time for family, time for Christ, time for others – in no particulat order) . I have the ultimate tools to make the process fun with a little intentional thinking

*Pausing to read – for years I always said I don’t have time. This year, I made time and the books changed me. They  made me question myself and made me improve myself internally. They were a refuge from the daily life and gave me ways to become me! I want to be INTENTIONAL in what I read and making the time to do it.

*My blog – I LOVE to write. It is like thinking out loud and not getting any argument back. I have been so blessed and touched by the feedback to my blogs and the comments. I want to be even more INTENTIONAL in the writing my way to self discovery and hope it continues to touch lives.

Everyday in my job as a nurse, I watch lives change tragically – car accidents, tumors, severe sicknesses. The Bible Study at church is about Unglued, and it has brought me attentive to areas that I can easily fall apart on and I have become more intentional at recognizing them and trying to correct them. Then Newtown happened to re-awaken that nerve. That following Sunday as we were doing our rushing to get to church and patience was running thin for Sam and his speed by some others in the family, I wanted to scream. All I could think of was how many people were rushing that morning, or arguing with their child about their clothes or homework, etc. I don’t want to live like that. I want to INTENTIONALLY ensure my words and actions (and how I spend my time) is a better definition of who I am.

I PREPARE to be INTENTIONAL in 2013. I have named a few areas above, but as with my PREPARE word, it impacted every day living. Please join me in my journey as I intentionally focus on me (spiritually, physically, and mentally), my marriage, our children, my friendships, our home, and our church. And at the end of the year, I think I will discover as I become more Intentional, I will also become GREATER (=
I am so excited for the new year, now if I can stay awake long enough to see it change (=


2 thoughts on “prepare to be…. INTENTIONAL!

  1. Laura Bean January 1, 2013 at 2:13 am Reply

    Just beautiful.

  2. Laura Bean January 5, 2014 at 2:52 am Reply

    just as blessed reading this a year later — Love you Miss Sheri 🙂

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