Cautious of Junk Drawers

Most of us have one. Some peoples are well organized with labels and close nicely, Well, then there is mine… the junk drawer. It seems as though I have about three in my kitchen. One holds all the cup lids, of note my children have not used sippy cups in years, but I likely still have a few of those lids. There is the official junk drawer with birthday candles, matches, and I am sure broken pieces of toys, and much more. Then there is the utensil drawer overflowing with things I likely have not used in years and some doubles. It does not help that I once sold Pampered Chef and had all the gadgets that they came out with. I also use to do a lot of marketing in a former job which included the need of utensils when I took in breakfasts or lunches. I would infamously forget the utensils and have to stop at a store and buy more. One day, I got smart enough to put all the extras in a plastic container and just carry in my car.

Okay, let me be honest, what did I not carry in my car? My Jeep was bad as I commuted to Pittsburgh 3-4 days week for work. I always had a change of clothes, a book to read, and plenty of snacks. One time, I got stuck sitting in traffic on the interstate for 8 hours because of a wreck. It was fine, I was prepared. Once we had children I was always prepared with having everything in the car, just in case. The things are too numerous to even list. I will never forget the year I attended a birthday party and they asked if I had a cake cutter and spatula in my car, and well of course I did. When I cleaned out my Envoy to trade in for the car, it took a few large boxes and several hours. For years Mary did dance and we had all the extra tights and makeup, etc. At our annual photo shoot for dance, I always had everything we needed and made sure I had enough for everyone else. For dance recitals, Mary knew that she could open her case and everything would be in there, usually double. I always carried changes of clothes and coats, of course. I had every medical product or medication you could need, of course, just in case someone needed it.

I am the middle of reading a book called Grace for the Good Girl (that temporarily got interrupted for my online study book – Greater). I almost believe that Greater was sent my direction by God, so I could take a break about reading my issues. The book is a scary description of me, and will need to devote a blog upon its completion. However, there is a woman they described with “THE PURSE”. She always had everything in her person, just in case someone needed it. I am that woman. Remember those Mother’s Day banquets where they asked to see everything in your purse? I could win those hands-down! I probably got that gene from my grandmother who also carried everything in little baggies. Well, I don’t have baggies, but little zipper pouches. One is for office supplies – yes a stapler with extra stables, post it notes in various sizes and shapes, paper clips, scissors, white-out, and a small roll of scotch tape. One pouch is for health/drink items – tea bags, sweetener, flavoring packets for water (those three items are in a separate little bag within the pouch so they do not take on the taste of the other products – LOL), dental floss, toothbrush, tooth paste, band aids in colors and patterns, small air freshener, and a small deodorant. One pouch is devoted just to my pens and pencils – I have several click pencils (you know just in case someone needs them), every color of the new sharpie no-leak pens, a regular sharpie (just in case someone needs to label something), ball point pens, flair markers, and the basic crayons. Okay, I probably really should stop, but there is more (that is just what I am recalling without even looking into my purse). If you ever have to go to a conference, you really should sit by me because I also carry gums in a variety of flavors (just in case not everyone likes mine), tic-tacs in flavors, hard candy, and usually a few pieces of Dove Chocolate (a whole bag if I know I will be at a conference all day to share).

Enough about the confession of my issue(s) , although my blog is like therapy, but cheaper. Yes I have too much stuff, and definitely procrastinate in getting rid of it. So, tonight getting into the one utensil drawer to look for something I was sure we had (of note, just like my purse, I could tell you exactly where everything is even in the chaos. If I have touched the item, I can 99% of the time tell you exactly where it is at. The other 1% is likely because someone else touched it after me and moved it) And that 1% of the time will literally drive me crazy and I will search and search until it is found (gloves, a movie projector – that wasn’t even here, tools, etc…). Anyway, I think the bigger issue, honestly is my constant desire, need, obsession to take care of other people. If they need something, I want to say, I have it for you (and sometimes even if I don’t I will quickly order from Amazon and have it to them in just 1-2 days). I often tell family that before they buy something to ask if I have it first, and chances I do). The dance moms would tell you, go ask Sheri. Fellow nurses know to come see me for any goods. It has become part of my identity. It is probably, just from my nature of being a nurse. Part of it is being stuck in the living “what if?” What if someone needs something and I don’t have it? What if I need that someday and I don’t have it?

Life gets dangerous when living in the “what if”. If I don’t have something someone needs physically, no one will die. Living in the “what if” can also stop me from doing things. For instance, if I think what if I don’t succeed at something, I may never take the risk of even trying. What if we went to a new vacation spot, instead I stick to the comfortable, and just may be missing out on an awesome adventure. I want to be more intentional in living in the now, and not in the what if!

Also, life is like the junk drawer. I fill it with things that don’t really matter and it leaves no space for what does. When I fill my time with unnecessary activities / time wasters – such as TV, it takes me away from productive things (like cleaning the junk drawers and closets). I am okay with Facebook because it allows me to be in touch with people, and I use it only for that person. I had to avoid all the games and liking the many sites like Walmart and restaurants, etc. Otherwise, it would replace connecting with people, and fill my time with things. I removed the apps for word games on my Kindle and phone because I would do them instead of things I should be doing. I also had to step away from Pinterest, although that was hard. I love the concept, but I found myself easily become addicted to filling my time on there. (I just may make it a reward for each thing I get accomplished – oh, that is a great idea and glad I though of it!)

I have to be intentional and cautious to not always be living in the “what if” and live in the now. And I definitely have to be careful that I fill my life drawers with time for myself and other relationships and not all the junk!

“Stop the mindless wishing that things would be different. Rather than wasting time and emotional and spiritual energy in explaining why we don’t have what we want, we can start to pursue other ways to get it.” – Greg Anderson

Ephesians 5:15-16a – Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity


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One thought on “Cautious of Junk Drawers

  1. Julie Umbel January 5, 2013 at 9:13 am Reply

    Sheri, this made me laugh! I remember those mother’s day banquets! You made some very good points! Julie U.

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