Running and Swimming – Exercise that can get me in trouble.

This is my fourth attempt at this blog. I kept going around the issue and have decided to just go directly to the issue.   Lately things have just been getting under my skin – some are directly my issues and some are issues I have observed in others.


Choices is a daily conversation with me.  I am great about telling Mary to choose.. and I usually choose happiness over other emotions, but, there are other choices I could make more consistently (and some of these are consistent things I hear from others).

  • Sleeping in too late – choice: get a new alarm clock and/or go to bed early
  • Don’t have enough money – choice: work more and/or spend less
  • Don’t like my body, – choice: exercise more and/or eat less
  • Unhappy with their job – choice: look for a new one and/or change your expectations
  • Relationship strains – choice: apologize and/or step up my committment
  • Feeling guilty – choice: change what I am doing and/or make it right
  • Annoyed with people – choice: tell them nicely and/or delete them on facebook (Or realize the annoyance maybe ME and not them)


The problem is in not just choosing a different approach but listening to the convictions that are going on in my mind.  I know many times I will be convicted to make a choice, but sometimes the choice requires commitment.  Commitment issues exist because they require

  • Work that I may not want to do  – easier to complain than choose to change
  • Accountability to myself and sometimes to others to carry through on the decision
  • Strong belief and being willing to defend/justify my choice
  • Making a realistic plan to make it come to life
  • Allowing others to support you in action / words
  • Putting the right thing above the convenient thing / “feel good’ thing
  • Action and not my typical procrastination


So my “aha” moment was a simple innocent “wake up” call, no pun intended.  In the past seven days, I have gotten up late TWICE.  The one incidence I still made it on time, but did not make it early as I hoped (no harm).  The second incidence, it affected someone else because I was late.  Sure I could give you the list of excuses, but they are just that EXCUSES.  I hate when people give me excuses when they don’t choose wisely (see section one), but I have find myself doing the thing that annoys me most. Excuse is also defined as trying to remove blame from (or sometimes I believe to remove responsibility for).  Some excuses are valid… but the majority of excuses are not.   I also love when people only ask for prayer for things to change, but do nothing to help themselves.  That does NOT mean that I don’t believe in prayer… but I believe God wants us to act and not just sit there and wait and then say, my prayers have not been answered.  God will bless efforts (not necessarily in our time but always in his time).

THE BIG PICTURE – It all boils down to

1. Following the conviction.  I know exactly what I need to do and why the conviction exists for me.

2. Make the choice to follow the conviction.  Otherwise, it will continue to “haunt’ my mind.  When I do not follow the path I am led to go, I am just left feeling guilty and lost.  It creates an ongoing knot in my gut and consumes my thoughts.  Running from it and stuffing it in the back of my mind just does not work.

3. I have to commit to making the right choice.  A haphazard approach in my mind is not the answer. I have to be INTENTIONAL.

4. Excuses are often just a way of procrastinating or an escape from the responsibility of commitment.


I think it is time to stop running (well, unless of course it is for exercise) from my convictions.  When I go in the wrong direction because I am running from where I should be… I better learn to swim… or I could end up inside a big fish!!! (Thanks Jonah for the example! – I so believe that God gave us scriptures for an example of what to do and what NOT to do…)


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