It starts with believing but requires action!

A night of movies… Rise of the Guardian and Won’t Back Down.  For those who have not seen either… my take away is to Know what you believe and take unwaivered action!

The Rise of the Guardian is a family movie, and even if opposed to teaching your children about them or not believing in Santa, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, etc.  I am not here to dispute what you teach your children.  However, it came down to one child who still believed  that saved the movie. ONE CHIlD / ONE PERSON believing in a cause can make all the difference.

Won’t Back Down was an amazing movie, whether you support or oppose Unions, School Systems, etc… One MOM who wanted a change in the education system for her child joined with one TEACHER who also believed in a change for the children (including her learning support son).   Their belief that their children deserved more was all it took.  Of note, there were a couple scenes in the movie between mother and child that left me in tears, but the one of the little boy kissing his mom three times still makes me tear up.

Okay, so both movies are fiction, the principles of the movies are vital and make me ask myself… WHAT DO I BELIEVE IN?  and actually it goes much deeper… Do I STAND in my belief AND remain unwaivered and strong despite people/things around me?  In Rise of the Guardians the little child who believed had to stay unwaivered in his belief despite his friends laughing at him.   In Won’t Back Down the mom and teacher stood united despite doors being slammed in their faces, the union going against them, the fellow teachers fighting it, etc… And in both movies they STOOD UP and took ACTION on their beliefs.  It wasn’t just talk – it was action!

So that night I starting asking my self…

  • Are my beliefs evident in my actions?…
  • Do they show through my words?…
  • Can you tell by looking at my calendar?…
  • Is it shown in what I watch, read, listen to?…
  • Could others tell you what I believe in because it is lived in my life?
  • Do I stand unwaivered by the people/things that go around me?

for instance..

  • I believe in Christ and call myself a Christian, but… do my words speak kindness? Do I turn the other cheek?  Do I think “not nice” things about other people who crawl under my skin (i.e. a separate blog).
  • When you look on my calendar do I see time for what I believe in… time for Christ, my family, myself, my health?
  • I say I believe that God can handle all my problems, but do my actions show I hand them over and let him have control – or does my faith show my disbelief?
  • And though other people’s “opinions” do not truly matter in some ways, as a Christian, I am to be a light… do they see my beliefs in my actions towards them and others (or are my words without deeds).
  • I believe in many things regarding Autism, but do my beliefs exhibit themselves in writing letters to congressmen to fight for them?  I have battled insurance companies and have sent letters to editors, but if I believe our son deserves more, should that not be reflected in my life and actions?
  • I believe in anti-bully as both of my children have endured that fate.  But, what do I do to show that belief? Do I fight for legislation or go against schools or even against other parents (i.e. the scene at Burger King with Sam).
  • Or do I sit back and watch?
  • I am a big believer in if I am not part of the solution (or at least have my voice heard) then I should not be complaining.
  • Do I stand boldly for what I believe in a black / white way or have I allowed shades of grey to seep into my beliefs.

Yes this is more a BELIEF report card to self reflect because I am thinking I may have some Fs and Cs and maybe a few Bs.  The comment section would probably say “room for improvement”.  “attendance to this area is affecting performance” (i.e. not spending enough time.

I need to be INTENTIONAL in know what I truly believe in then remain unwaivered as I take action.  Saying I believe is just not enough… I have some As to earn!  And if they are not earned on earth, it is okay.  But when I get to heaven I want to hear “Good job my good and faithful servant!”


James 2:17 In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead!

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One thought on “It starts with believing but requires action!

  1. Kristin March 18, 2013 at 2:26 pm Reply

    Actually, “Won’t Back Down” was based on true events that happened in Pittsburgh!

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