The Blame Game

Blame game – I think everyone has played this game at least once in their life.  Unfortunately, I know some people who always play the game.  Sometimes the game is harmless, for instance:

  • do poorly bowling – blame on the shoes, the ball, the wax on the alley, etc
  • do poorly with Frisbee – blame in on the wind
  • do poorly playing football – blame on the weather, injured players, etc..
  • stub my toe in the middle of the night – blame on lighting, the bed moved, etc..
  • the weather – blame on Mother Nature, a ground hog, etc…
  • blame my husband for our son loving 3 Stoogies, Abbott & Costello, Lord of the Rings

I could list several more.  Some are a little more intense

  • burn hand on stove – blame on having to cook for family vs. me not being careful
  • running out of gas in car – blame on the fuel gage being off vs. not filling up before then
  • abnormal lab results (high triglycerides) – blame ALL on genetics and not some responsibility for food choices or lack of exercise

My daughter really HATES when I use the word choice, but she has been using it more lately herself.  A big portion of the blame game is about choice for instance

  • If I have a bad day – I can BLAME on weather, work, people breathing (lol) or can choose to see the blessings in the day.
  • If I loose my temper with family – blame on the above bad day vs. choosing not to take out on the innocent

As a society, we play the BLAME game

  • Blame obesity on fast food restaurants – but going to the restaurant is a choice and what one orders at the restaurant is a choice
  • Blame busy schedule for no quiet time with God… no time to exercise, etc.. – but choice to spend hours on Facebook, playing games, sitting in front of TV, etc..

There are times BLAME is appropriate

  • When an accident is the result of a D.U.I. – someone is to BLAME because of someone elses bad choices
  • When abuse is inflicted on a person – someone is to BLAME and unfortunately the innocent pay.

But that is NOT the BLAME I am talking about

Biblical example, as we discussed Eve in the Ladies’ Bible Study tonight – she was approached by the Serpent, Satan to eat the one thing she was told NOT to eat.  The BLAME GAME, by Eve, may have sounded like this

  • Blame God for putting something forbidden in the garden
  • Blame God for making the ONE item enticing to the eyes
  • Blame God for putting a snake in the garden (if it was perfect there would not be snakes – lol)
  • Blame God for letting Satan approach and tempt her
  • Blame Adam for not being with her to stop her from her bad choice
  • Blame the snake / Satan because he is the one who tempted her
  • Blame being hungry and having an uncontrollable craving for that one fruit

However, it was a CHOICE – Eve could have walked away.  Granted the snake/Satan probably would have continued to follow her.  Eve could have talked to her spouse before making the decision.  Eve could have talked to HER MAKER.  But she chose the ONE THING (the only thing) in a beautiful garden and listenedto Satan.

As As a parent of a child with autism – there are many blame games.  Some people have asked me “what caused it” –  vaccines, his reflux when he stopped breathing, etc.  There are studies saying that an action by the mom may be responsible.  I completely understand that some believe that vaccinations caused their child’s autism, and that is their right and they know there child.  I, on the other hand,  have chosen that if I consume my life with the BLAME GAME, I will miss out on the blessing given to me. Our son is amazing! Instead of saying something / someone is the BLAME for his autism, I say God just wanted to bless my life in an amazing way.  I think I mentioned before that a friend of mine says “everyone needs a Sam in their life”.  He has taught me lessons that I may not have other wise known.  He teaches me to slow down… enjoy little things…look at the world differently… being honest… unconditional love…  I choose not to BLAME but the solution game – how can I make a difference in his life (and absorb the daily lessons of his love).

Blame is an easy way for me to

  • dodge responsibility and not make a wiser choice
  • get out of doing something I may not want to do
  • taking the focus off of me and putting it on someone else
  • not looking for a solution— and even worse not looking to God for THE SOLUTION

And as I let the Blame Game consume my time, I may just miss out that what I have been given was in Gods perfect plan – maybe to teach me a valuable lesson, maybe to make me work a little harder, and/or maybe a very special blessing.

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