TEARS.. lead to lessons

Anymore I can just cry… cry over a song, the news, watching our kids succeed or fail… I have been known to pull off the road because I am crying so hard I can’t see.  I have cried watching the news…  I have cried watching TV shows…

I am a very firm believer that ever incident in life… every death… should NOT be in vain.  It is a moment to learn from – it does not have to happen to me to impact my life.  I am going to do this from most recent to oldest

Today, I sobbed.  I heard the 9-1-1 call from the Texas Explosion and heard fireman are down.  They were volunteers leaving their families to fight a fire.. to save people… The last I heard there are still some missing at the scene.  I am blessed to have a respectable honorable husband who serves as a volunteer fire fighter.  When I heard that call, I became part of the scene in Texas, because at any moment my husband, the incredible father to our children, is not guaranteed to return after serving as a volunteer.  I remember the two big structure fires of Nemacolin and the MillRunChurch and listening to the scanner non-stop. Hearing fireman were injured.. I needed that reminder today so I am a better wife to him.  I make sure he knows I love him and nothing goes unsaid.  That I love without regret…

The BostonMarathon.  Jim called me and asked if I heard.  It was like him calling me on 9-11 as I walked into work near the PittsburghAirport.  It was a bad dream.  I was thankful to be at work that night or I would have been sucked in by the media.  But just as 9-11, America stuck together.  I sat tonight and watch the first singing of the National Anthem at the Bruins game and watched as the firefighters came on the ice.. the singer started.. and then the crowd joined in.  I cried.  They both affected America… but I think it was a great reminder of the need to unite… the goodness of people… We have to keep that feeling or the incident and those deaths will be in vain.

I was glued to the TV when I heard the little boy being held hostage in Alabama had Aspergers.  I could still cry thinking about it.  But I felt for those parents and could only imagine what that little boy was thinking without all of his favorites.  It made me hug my children tighter and think about safety things for Sam.  It made me slow down and capture the little things.  What amazing strength by that little boy. That could have been our son.  And was so thankful when he was freed safely.

When the recent school shootings happened, I was in shock.  I could not imagine being in those parent’s shoes.  But as the news came out that the shooter had Asperger’s and that was being used as a reason it happened… I became part of that story because they demonized Aspergers.  If you know our son and read the story of him and the little girls yesterday – he is a helper.   I learned that it will become my everyday job to protect and defend our son from the idiots of society.  I was especially grateful to know that our kids were home – safe and sound and it gently confirmed my reason to home school.

I can’t let any of these things NOT change me or they will be in vain.  Lessons

  • I can’t control what happens to me, only my reaction to it
  • Slow down and enjoy every moment instead of rushing through life.
  • Say I love you more often and show it in my actions, not just the words
  • Counting blessings everyday is a necessity – not a luxury
  • I cannot live in fear as it will rob me of precious moments and memories.
  • Good will always out number evil – and my good deeds should always out number thoughts of revenge.
  • Evil will always try to win – despite all the laws in the land – but it’s my choice if I let it (or if I fight back).
  • Any moment can be the one that life will change forever.
  • Every moment can be a teachable moment… some are life changing.. some life giving.. some life taking – but none should allow a life / death be in vain.
  • Sometimes prayer is all I can do… but the One I pray to has infinite powers.

I have officially cried my way through this blog.  I have to be intentional to not let the life or lesson of another pass me by — every story could be mine…


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