OVERCOME the writers block and face a sin!

I have a list of excuses for not writing (and for many other areas of my life).  One area of my life that I make excuses for is my lack of motivation in the mornings.  I have always claimed to be a night owl, and to some extent that is true.  However, at the beach, EVERY MORNING I was up early.  Some morning early enough to watch the sunrise with Jim and every other morning up by 7am to eat breakfast with Jim.  So, it is possible.  Last night I resolved it would be an early morning and I did OK but not as well as I wanted. So there is always tomorrow, however, that belief that has lead to my continued procrastination!  Plus, as many tragedies have happened locally, I am certain that tomorrow is NOT guaranteed.  So today is the day!  Before I went to bed, I thought about today, and It will be spent in an anti-procrastination mode!  I have a list of excuses for the many areas of my life that I procrastinate on. One I used was lack of computer time (Sam and I share a computer) and then decided to use my Kindle and my bluetooth keypad I bought months ago.. and now that excuse is ending!  (Most often there is a solution to every excuse, its just wanting to find it).
Anyway, I had full intention to write about the beach today.  I kept some paper/pen notes at the beach, because I truly limited technology (with the exception of my Kindle to READ BOOKS – I had no idea how much I missed reading!!!).  This morning I resolved to open my emails and start to clean out my inbox… over 1,000 emails and I did a little editing over the last several days.  (Note to self: great topic or a blog –  editing the info coming into my life).  The third email STOPPED me in my editing and prompted me to start writing my blog sooner than later.  It addressed an ongoing area of my life.  And as I read it I cried! 
I am not going to say the issue, as I am sure many of us have an issue.  But when the issue consumes you every day on the inside, but you paste a smile on your face and keep going, it is time to address the internal issue.  When the issue causes you to break a commandment and to sin, but you never viewed it as that until you read an email that stops you in your tracks.  It is time to change it.  I am great at pointing out other people’s issues because it takes the focus off of me.  My issue causes me to be envious of other people – which is breaking the do not covet commandment (granted I don’t want their house, their spouse, their servant, their donkey or ox), but I do covet Something that belongs to my neighbor (my friends, strangers,etc..).   have found I can even get caught up in making excuses why they can have it and I don’t.  I sin by judging other peoples lives.   It’s an issue when it gets in my way of relationships (with God, with loved ones, with people).
It is an area I wanted to OVERCOME this year, and like many areas of my life, it got swept under the rug.  Because, you know, there is tomorrow.  But there isn’t a guarantee for tomorrow.. We went to the beach and left a day early, the day we were scheduled to leave a tornado hit the oceanfront at the beach.  There are no guarantees what tomorrow will bring (you can ask my friends who have tragically lost loved ones, friends who went for a routine mammogram, etc…) God has blessed us each with one life!  He wants me to make the most of it.  If anything, I should live a life more fully in memory of those who have passed too young, in honor of my friends who  have fought cancer to survive.  I have been given a gift of another day to live fully!!!I
It is today I face a few issues.  The first is my issues with mornings. I just placed a challenge in my facebook to do #100morningmoments.  This will involve me, for the next 100 days, to post in the morning a picture just to get me going.  I also will be tackling an issue that has spanned YEARS (which my email was so gracious to point out). 
So here is to TODAY.. to starting fresh with my serving of new mercies (graciously given daily by my Heavenly Father in Lamentations 3:23)… getting up in the morning to savor the mercies (the sooner I get up the sooner I get to enjoy them)…  to sharing my thoughts with my friends (and maybe challenging a few to look at their issues)… to OVERCOME the issues that weigh heavy on my heart.  Nothing like a recent vacation at the beach, a hot cup of tea, and an email to put things in perspective!  Here is to OVERCOMING my writer’s block. I hope to have some more mornings with you!!!

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