Monthly Archives: December 2014


It is that time of year for me to reflect where I have been and where I want to be. I can tell you I have not written as many blogs as I wanted to. That is not because I had nothing to say, because I am like my Grandma Frazee, I always have something to say (and I say that with much love for my Grandma). It is a good note for me to see that I haven’t done something I love as much as I wanted to, so that I can change that. Anyway, for several years, I have chosen a WORD for the year instead of a list of resolutions. I love a good list, but not when it turns into a to-do list of resolutions that I never mark off as complete. I heard about ONE WORD from K-LOVE and instantly said I could choose ONE WORD that could guide me.   I have many friends who have also joined me on the ONE WORD search, and I love to watch and hear how that word changed them.   So, it is the time for my ONE WORD search. I start creating a list in my phone at least a month ago of words that I have heard in a song, read in a book, etc… of potential words.   Thinking of words is the easy part; it is the confirmation from God that it is THE ONE is the hard part. It made me think of looking for LEGOS!

The other day, actually quite often, Sam asks me to help find a piece of Lego he is looking for. Please note that Sam has multiple containers of hundreds of thousands of Legos to find the smallest piece of Lego. Sometimes, I am very blessed if I ask him to show me what I am looking for, and he has an identical piece to show me. It is generally not just a piece but a very specific color. If I am lucky, it will be an orange piece, rather than a black piece.  I have been known to dump entire tubs of Legos onto a sheet to spread the out to find the exact piece (and then I can easily dump them back into the bin they came from). I found this dumping method to be very effective. Once Sam has a vision, there is no substitution for that piece (except on rare occasion he will allow the same piece in a different color). The other day, we, actually I, was in a bit of a hurry, when the urgent need to find a Lego piece was needed. I could, and have tried, to rationalize with Sam that I didn’t have time. However, I have also learned that the fall-out from my rushing is NOT worth the cost.   The problem was, this was a “weapon” he built custom and he could not show me what it looked like because it was “one of a kind”. He tried his best to describe it to me, as I dug frantically, watching the clock tick away. I had NO IDEA what I was looking for, and this was leading to frustration for us both!

So, you may wonder, where in the world is this going Sheri…. Well, here are my lessons from the LEGO box.

Vision is important in the search for LEGOS and my ONE WORD. Sam has in his head exactly what he is looking for, and because of that it narrows down the search. Instead of trying multiple pieces to see if they “fit” his vision. He knows exactly what it is. I tend to be a little too laid back when it comes to this area of my life, and just take things as they come. When I was a senior in high school I had a vision – live near my family, graduate from Nursing School with my maiden name on my diploma, get married, have children, etc…. Now, I have those pieces, and I generally only take a day at a time. But, I want to have that VISION focus again (okay, now here is a problem I am having this year, I think of a good word , but in the process of that word I think of others – like just now – VISION and FOCUS are great words too!).

I am going to keep digging and digging for more LEGOS if I don’t know exactly what I am looking for. This is true for my word search, I keep finding and digging for words that are the perfect fit. But, if I had a vision of what I want life to mirror, it would take less digging and I would know the perfect WORD.

The great thing about dumping out all the Legos onto a sheet is seeing all of the pieces including the ones hidden at the bottom. So, this week, I am dumping all the thoughts and ideas, etc… onto a blank piece of paper. It is like a self-cleansing process. I honestly didn’t realize how much was swimming in my brain until the day I mentioned above. I was in a hurry and while I needed to slow down and focus on finding the piece, there was a series of the other things I needed to do, flooding my brain. I have a few words on my list to deal with this issue of multi-tasking. I want to be in the moment I am in, without thinking of everything else I need to do/be/say, etc… (I had a friend whose word was MINDFULLNESS last year – also another great word).

When I do the dumping of the Legos on a sheet, it never fails; Sam exclaims “I have been looking for that piece forever”.   Mind you, it is often an extra piece, not the one we originally set out to find.   But, I think that is also true for my word search – if I dig to the bottom, I believe I will find the piece I have been looking for! It has been there the whole time, just buried.

I have been known to look for an hour for a piece of Lego. Some would say, he just needs to get over it, others would say he needs to find it himself, etc… I say, I will continue to help look because it is important to him! But in that same breath, I need to say, if I am willing to spend that much time looking for a Lego, why am I not willing to spend that time on myself (i.e. writing a blog, exercise, etc…) and I have no answer, just excuses! The other thing I would say, there is value in digging! For Legos it is watching Sam’s vision come to life, and realizing how critical that one piece is. Some would say just ONE WORD isn’t enough, but I can tell you from Lego Masterpieces by Sam, that one piece can make all the difference, just as ONE word does for me!

So, let the digging through words begin… may I see the vision that Christ has for me…. This ONE WORD isn’t about me, but who HE want me to be / my purpose (PURPOSE is on my list). I have a whole little ritual to eliminate/ add words from my options. I pray over what they mean in the bigger picture for the year. And then comes the hard part of being still and listening to God’s whisper ( I want it to be a whisper because that means He is close enough to me to hear, versus God yelling because that means He is too far away from me or I am not paying attention!) ONE WORD can make a huge difference just like ONE piece does to a LEGO masterpiece.  I am not just an inanimate LEGO (although Sam makes his come to life), I am a masterpiece made by God, and sometimes I just need to remind myself of that!!! (Ephesians 2:10 I AM GOD’S MASTERPIECE…).

p.s. parts of me just wants to keep OVERCOME another year… LOL